Gambling Sites That Accept PayPal Deposits

As a company that’s been around for over 20 years with assets totaling over
$40 billion, you know that PayPal is a major banking partner that you can trust.
What you may not know, though, is that you can use PayPal to deposit money into
your online gambling accounts. If you’re ready to use this banking giant to
start playing your favorite online casino games or betting on your favorite
sports, we have a list of the best PayPal gambling sites for you below. These
include some of the major online betting sites you’ve probably heard of like
Bovada and Betway as well as some other incredible options that may be new to

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We are 100% confident that one of the PayPal gambling sites we’ve recommended
above is going to be a perfect fit for you. Why are we so confident about this?
Well, it’s because we take our review and recommendation process extremely
seriously here. We don’t just grab the first few PayPal online gambling sites we see on
Google, slap them on a list, mark them as awesome, and call it a day.

Instead, we’ve put together a team of industry experts who are dedicated to
finding the absolute best PayPal gambling websites out there. They know what to look
for, what bettors and gamblers want, and how to determine whether a PayPal
gambling site is actually doing what it claims to be doing. They can’t be bought,
bribed, or influenced by anything other than the actual quality of the PayPal
betting site.

What does this mean for you? It means that the online PayPal gambling sites
recommended above are actually the best of the best. You can trust that the
sites we’ve recommended were not only great at one point but are still currently
the best options available. Our team regularly updates this list when necessary
to ensure that it reflects the most current list of the top PayPal betting

If you’ve been searching the web for the best betting sites for PayPal that you
can trust, you can stop your search because you’ve found the list you’re looking

What is PayPal?

PayPal is an online payment processor and e-wallet that has been around since
December of 1998. Founded by some big names like Elon Musk and Peter Thiel,
backed by over $40 billion in assets, and under the parent company eBay, you
know that this is a company that knows what they’re doing and can be trusted to
treat you right.

As an e-wallet, PayPal allows you to create an account where you can have
money stored online. You can then utilize this account to make purchases all
over the web and at PayPal accepted casinos. As you’ll see in the next section
of this guide, that is a huge perk because it allows you to keep your personal
information safe. It also keeps you from having to share your banking details
with companies and websites all over the web.

As a payment processor, PayPal also allows “guests” who do not have a PayPal
account to make purchases and deposits across the web. You’ll still be able to
take advantage of all the perks we’ll cover in the next section, but you won’t
have to create a PayPal account. While PayPal accounts are free, some people
don’t want to take the time to set things up. On the flip side, there are a lot
of advantages to having a PayPal account, so setting up the account (which takes
two minutes) might be something you want to do.

Overall, PayPal is probably the most famous, most respected, and most trusted
online e-wallet in the world. This means that utilizing PayPal at your chosen
betting site is something we highly recommend, because you’ll have a wall of
security, safety, and protections following you throughout your journey.

PayPal Casinos

PayPal has expanded its service into the online gambling
sector. You can utilize the banking method to make deposits or
withdrawals from your online casino account. But, not all PayPal casinos are
created equally. While they may all offer the same banking option, they aren’t
all going to be of the same quality.

If you’re looking for the absolute best and most trusted PayPal casinos,
we’ve got you covered. The link below will take you to the most current and up
to date list of the top PayPal casinos that are available in your area. If you
want to ensure an awesome experience gambling online, you’ll want to start by
picking out a great site you can trust.

PayPal Sportsbook

If you’ve been looking into moving your betting action online, you can now do
so through the safe and secure payment processor PayPal. PayPal sportsbooks
allow you to deposit funds and withdraw winnings utilizing the trusted banking
option. But, as you probably already suspect, not all PayPal sportsbooks are
going to be of the same quality.

If you’re on the hunt for a legit PayPal sportsbook that you know you can trust
with your money, your bets, and your personal information, you just so happened that you’re in luck. Check
out the link we’ve provided below to our most up to date list of the top PayPal
sportsbooks available in your area and online.

Pros of Using PayPal to Gamble Online

Not yet sure if PayPal gambling sites are the right fit for you and what
you’re looking for? Not a problem! A lot of this is very new to people, and we
commend you for actually taking the time to make sure you are doing it the right
way. To help make your decision a little easier, we wanted to point out some of
the benefits and perks that you get when using PayPal gambling sites. Don’t
worry! In the next section, we also cover any drawbacks to ensure we’re giving
you the complete picture, so you can make the best decision before you deposit
real money with PayPal.

Established and Trusted Method of Online Banking

When you pick out anything important in life, do you usually go with the
option that you’ve heard of and know you can trust? Or do you go with the random
option that has no track record whatsoever? This seems like an easy question,
but it’s baffling how often people don’t follow this. If you have the choice
between some unverified, lesser-known options and well-known, trusted options,
you should always choose the trusted options.

This is the same when choosing the banking method you want to use when
gambling online. PayPal has been in the industry for over 20 years now, has over
$40 billion in assets, and has a proven and trusted track record in the
industry. You know that when you bet online with PayPal that you’re getting a
banking option that you can trust and, for lack of better cliches, that you can
take to the bank.

Able to Use All Over the Web

Because of PayPal’s popularity, it’s not just something you can use for your
online gambling accounts. Pretty much any major online site where you can make
purchases is going to offer PayPal as an option. This means that if you take the
two minutes to set up your PayPal account, then you can not only use it to
deposit into online betting sites, but you can also use it to make purchases all
over the web.

PayPal lets you pay your bills, buy groceries, purchase clothes, and do just
about anything you want on the web. If you cash your winnings off of a PayPal
betting site into your PayPal account, you can immediately use them anywhere on
the web (or you can move them back into your account if you want to).

Do you have to use PayPal all over the web? Of course not. You can just use
PayPal for your online gambling deposits and call it a day. All we want to do is
make sure that you are aware that this option is extremely versatile and will
give you a lot of other options across the web. If you use a lesser known
e-wallet, you might be able to get your online betting account funded, but that
might be the end of the options that you have. If you like flexibility and
options, we highly recommend PayPal gambling sites.

Additional Protection From Potential Web Threats

It’s pretty safe to say that the internet can be a scary place at times. Just
like in real life, there are threats all over the place that you need to be
careful of. The good news, though, is that just like in person, as long as you
take a few precautions, you really don’t have much to worry about.

One of the biggest fears people have when making purchases or moving money
around online is that their banking or credit card information is going to be
compromised. As you might imagine, the more websites that you use your credit
card or banking information for, the more you are going to be at risk of being
compromised. For the record, we do not expect that to happen AT ALL with any of
the PayPal gambling sites we’ve recommended, but we just want to explain why
PayPal covers you just in case.

When you create a PayPal account (or even when you check out as a guest),
your banking information is shielded from the rest of the web and even from the
site that you are making your purchase or deposit at. You share your details
with PayPal, and they use their own banking methods to make the actual purchase.
Then, they get the money for the purchase from you. It does not matter how many
purchases you make or websites you go to. You only have to share your
information once with PayPal. They are like a glorified middleman that protects
your information which you know is going to be safe with them.

If you’re still confused on this, here’s an analogy that might make things
clearer. Let’s say that you want to buy something at a store, but you don’t want
to give them your credit card number, and they don’t take cash. Your friend
offers to make the purchase on their credit card if you give them the cash. This
is how PayPal works. You just give the money to the same “friend” every time,
and they go out and make the purchases for you. The only difference in the real
equation is that your “friend” is a multibillion-dollar company that has been
doing this for a living for over 20 years.

Cons of Using PayPal to Gamble Online

It wouldn’t be a fair picture if we just told you all of the pros of using
PayPal gambling sites without also telling you some of the drawbacks. While there
really aren’t many drawbacks to using gambling sites that accept PayPal deposits, there are a few
things that you should be aware of before you get started or before you make a
decision on what type of online betting site you want to use.

Requires an Additional Account Setup

One of the “drawbacks” to using PayPal gambling sites is that, in order to
get the full benefits of PayPal, you are going to need to create a PayPal
account in addition to your betting site account. The reason we put drawback in
quotes, though, is because it’s not really a drawback. There are several ways
around this that you should be aware of. Let’s take a look at the important
factors that you need to know.

First, if you absolutely do not want to create a PayPal account, you can
still use the platform and just make your deposit as a guest. You won’t be able
to withdraw with PayPal, but you will be able to get your account funded with
real money. Second, you need to realize that it only takes about two minutes to
get a PayPal account set up. Seriously, it is that easy. If you are that much of
a betting fiend that you can’t wait an additional couple minutes to do things
the best way possible, you may want to make sure that gambling and betting are
the right hobbies for you.

So, is this really a drawback? In our opinion, not really. We have heard some
people complain that they didn’t want to take the additional time to create a
second account, so we figured it was best to list it for you here.

Occasional Fees and Limits to Be Aware Of

When you are making a deposit into a PayPal online gambling site, you should never
have to pay a fee. Any betting site that accepts PayPal worth its weight is going to cover
any and all fees associated with your deposit. If they don’t, it’s not a site
you’re going to want to be playing at. You’ll see that all of the online PayPal betting
sites we’ve recommended take care of this.

That being said, you may run into fees from time to time if you are just
loading money into your PayPal account to use elsewhere. You may also see small
fees if you choose to utilize PayPal as your withdrawal method. Typically,
though, most online betting sites are going to give you at the very least one
free withdrawal per month, while others are going to give you one free
withdrawal weekly. So, unless you are withdrawing money daily for some strange
reason, you really shouldn’t have a lot of issues with this. If you do, though,
most PayPal gambling sites have a lot of different withdrawal options that you
can utilize to avoid any fees. For the record, these fees are typically very
small if you even have to deal with them.

How to Get Started Right Now with PayPal

If you’ve read the past few sections and are still with us, we’re going to go
ahead and guess that you’ve decided gambling via PayPal is the right fit for
you. Honestly, we can’t see why it wouldn’t be. It’s a trusted banking option
coupled with trusted gaming partners, offering an exquisite online gambling and
betting experience.

Want to know how to get started right away? Well, we have got you covered,
friends. In this section, we’ve got the five steps you need to follow to get
started with PayPal gambling sites the right way and right now. If you follow
these steps, you’ll be playing your favorite casino games and slots or making
some sharp bets from home in a matter of minutes.

Select One of the PayPal Gambling Sites from the List at the Top of the Page

The very first step you need to do right now is pick out the best PayPal
betting sites for you. You’ll notice that we didn’t just put one PayPal gambling
site at the top of the page and call it a day. We put several. Why? Well, ALL of
these betting sites are incredible and offer an awesome and trusted experience.

But keep in mind, they are all going to offer a slightly different
experience. In particular, you’ll see some variation in the games they offer,
the look and feel of the site, the additional banking options they have, and the
promotions they offer. Which of these combinations is the best? The answer is
that it depends on what you are looking for! While each site will certainly give
you an awesome experience, you need to poke around a little bit and see which
one is the best fit for you.

Each of the sites we listed will let you check out all the games and types of
bets for free. You’ll be able to see the promotions, banking options, user
interface, and just about everything without even creating an account. We highly
recommend that you take about five minutes right now and check out at least a
couple of the PayPal gambling websites that we recommended. A few minutes now could
ensure years of a lot more fun and enjoyment!

Create Your Free Account at the Gambling Site of Your Choosing

After you’ve gone ahead and picked out the best PayPal gambling sites for you
and what you are looking for, it’s time to get your free account created.
Thankfully, this is going to be a pretty simple process. You’ll need to pick out
a username, a password, and choose an email address to link to your account.
Each site might request a few additional bits of information, but the whole
process should just take a few minutes.

You should see a big “Join” or “Sign Up” button when you navigate over to the
site where you can input your information and create your account.

Create a PayPal Account

Many of you that are reading this probably already have a PayPal account. If
that is the case, you can go ahead and skip to step four now. You do not need to
create a special PayPal account in order to deposit real money with PayPal into PayPal gambling sites.

If you don’t have a PayPal account yet, though, that’s okay. Head on over to
PayPal, and go through their sign-up process. It should only take you a couple
of minutes, and then you’ll have a PayPal account that you can use anywhere and
everywhere on the web for more than just online gaming websites!

Make Your First Deposit

Once you’ve gotten your PayPal account and betting site account created, it’s
time to head back over to the betting site to make your first deposit. There
will be a link or tab that should be easy to find that says “Deposit” or
“Banking.” It will be in a slightly different spot on each site, but you should
have absolutely no problems finding it. If for some reason you do, you can
always contact the customer support for the betting site, and they will happily
give you a direct link to the “deposits” page.

Once there, select PayPal as a deposit option. You will be taken to PayPal
where you can complete your deposit either with funds that are already in your
PayPal account or through the method that you have connected to your PayPal
account. We highly recommend that you just link a payment method and don’t
upload money into your PayPal account first. Why? This ensures that you are
going to bypass any and all fees when depositing money into your online betting

If for some reason the link to open PayPal does not work, make sure you don’t
have a pop-up blocker, or anything like that, enabled. Usually, PayPal will
still pop up in this instance, but we have heard a few times where it did not.
Again, if you have ANY issues whatsoever with this process, contact the site’s
customer service, and they will be happy to assist you in getting things squared

Have Fun and Win Big!

Once you’ve done all of these steps, it’s time to have fun! Try and win big!
This is the fun and easy step, and you’re only minutes away.

Getting Started with PayPal Part 2: Checking out as a Guest

There is one additional way that you can go about getting started with a
PayPal gambling site that we wanted to mention. Remember when we mentioned that
it was still possible to gamble online via PayPal without creating a PayPal
account? Well, what we were referring to was checking out as a guest. If you
choose to use this option, you still get all of the deposit and protection perks
that come with PayPal. Your personal information is still only shared with
PayPal and is shielded from the rest of the web. The only drawback is that you
won’t be able to use PayPal as a withdrawal method from your online betting

To get started this way, you’ll follow steps one and two exactly the same as
in the previous section. You’ll skip step three and go straight to step four.
When the PayPal login widget pops up, though, you won’t log in. There will be an
option to “continue as a guest” that you will select. This will allow you to
complete your deposit with all the same protections, but you won’t need to
create a PayPal account.

If at this step you change your mind and decide that you do want a PayPal
account for easier deposits and withdrawals, this step will also give you the
option of creating an account while you make your deposit.

Whether you create the account or not, you can still get your account funded
and get right into step number five!

How Does PayPal Compare to Other Popular Deposit Options?

We want to take a quick look at how PayPal compares with other popular
deposit options
as well as how it compares with other similar e-wallet deposit
options. Most online betting site deposits fall into one of four
categories-e-wallets, credit/debit cards, bank transfers, or cryptocurrencies.

In comparison to debit and credit cards, there are some perks to utilizing
PayPal. First, as we already mentioned, you don’t have to expose any of your
banking information to any site with PayPal. When you use your debit or credit
card, you do have to give that information out. Again, we certainly do not
expect anything to happen at the reputable PayPal gambling sites we recommended,
but you can never be too careful. If you make purchases at 100 different
websites with your credit card, your credit card information is in 100 different
databases. If you make 100 different purchases with PayPal, your credit card
information is only in one database: PayPal’s.

Compared to bank transfer deposits, the differences are the same as with
credit and debit cards. The only other perk that we want to mention with PayPal
is that the deposits are almost 100% of the time instant and free of any fees.
With bank transfers, they are usually instant and fee-free, but we see much more
instances of random fees or delays in this process. This is especially true if
you have a smaller bank that is not used to working with internet betting

In relation to cryptocurrency deposits, PayPal is light-years simpler. If you
are not already an expert with crypto, we don’t recommend trying to figure it
out to try and gamble online. Stick to the methods that are designed to be
simple, trusted, and without hiccups like PayPal.

The Bottom-Line Comparison

The bottom line is that PayPal is a simple and safe way for you to gamble
online. Compared to other methods it does take a few extra minutes to set up
your PayPal account (one-time), but it comes with a lot of extra perks that we
think are worth a few minutes of your time. Bottom line, we think PayPal is an
awesome option for you to get into the action right now.

Where Is PayPal Popular?

It’s rare that we get to answer this question with two words-literally
everywhere. Most payment processors have a specific region that they focus on
and they occasionally branch out. If not, they might be worldwide but only focus
on the major markets in those areas, neglecting some of the smaller players.

This is not the case with PayPal. PayPal is accepted in over 200 countries
and over 25 different currencies! Unless you live somewhere like Antarctica or
on the moon, you’re probably going to be able to utilize PayPal.

Also, just to be clear, sometimes when payment processors spread out far and
wide, they spread themselves too thin. This leads to lapses in coverage, weak
customer service, and other issues. This is not the case with PayPal. As their
parent company is eBay, it’s no surprise that they understand scaling and how to
keep up a high level of service throughout their global expansion.

PayPal is everywhere, and the level of service is high everywhere as well.

Final Thoughts

We’ve certainly covered a lot about PayPal and PayPal gambling sites today.
We’ve discussed the pros and cons of utilizing these sites, shown you the
absolute best PayPal gambling sites available, and given you the step-by-step
instructions to get started.

All that is left for you to do is pick out the
right site for you, and get yourself into the real money action right now. Good
luck out there, and we hope that you win big!

PayPal Gambling FAQ

Is Using PayPal to Gamble Online Safe?

Yes! PayPal is one of the most trusted online banking and payment options
available in the world, if not THE most trusted option. This means that you can
rest assured that your money and your transactions are going to be safe whether
that’s moving your money into or out of the betting site that you choose. There
are other safe options out there, but it’s hard to beat a company with over 20
years of experience backed by $40 billion in assets and security.

Is PayPal the Best Option to Use to Deposit into My Online Gambling Account?

It depends! When you’re gambling online, you only need one good option to
deposit money into your account and one good option to withdraw your money. If
you are comfortable using e-wallets and you trust PayPal (which you should),
then PayPal just might be the best option for you. The only situations where it
might not be the best option are if you are a huge bettor who needs to move very
large sums of money into an online betting account. In those situations, you may
run into some limit issues with PayPal and might want to look to use a bank
transfer betting site or a high-roller betting site.

Do You Get Bonuses When You Use PayPal as a Deposit Method?

You ‘betcha! Any and all deposit bonuses on the betting sites we’ve
recommended at the top of the page apply to PayPal deposits as well. If you’re
looking to get your hands on some free money, you can certainly do that with
PayPal. Now, just as a quick disclaimer, promotions and such can change from
time to time, so make sure you double-check everything with the betting site
that you choose to ensure that it still applies for PayPal. Luckily, we’ve never
seen a website drop a promotion from PayPal deposits. You really have nothing to
worry about. We just have to say that, so our legal department doesn’t lose
their mind.

Can I Withdraw My Winnings Through PayPal as Well?

One of the perks of using a PayPal gambling site is that, nine times out of
ten, you can utilize it to withdraw your winnings as well! This means that the
simplicity you enjoy during the deposit process will also translate over to the
withdrawal process. When you win money online, you’re going to be excited, but
that excitement can fade if you have problems withdrawing your money when you
want to use it.

With PayPal, though, that is not an issue. Cashouts are typically quick, have
a low or no fee attached, and give you access to your money instantly. Because
PayPal can be utilized all over the web, you can actually start using your money
right away, or you can move it back to your bank account. Instantly moving money
from PayPal to your bank account is a 1% fee, but if you decide that you can
wait one business day, you can get that completely fee-free.

Here’s one thing that you need to keep in mind when using a PayPal betting
site or any betting site for that matter. Typically, in order to withdraw
through a method, you will have had to deposit through that same method at least
once. This is to ensure that when they send out winnings, they are sending it to
the right person. The only options where this typically is not the case is if
you utilize a check or money order withdrawal.

So, if you ever want to withdraw through PayPal in the future, make sure you
plan to make at least one deposit through the account that you want the
withdrawal to come to. For example, you can deposit $5 through PayPal one time,
then proceed to cash out hundreds of thousands of dollars without ever
depositing again. It’s not any sort of punishment or anything like that. It’s
simply to ensure that the money goes to the correct account.

How Do I Set up My PayPal Account?

Setting up your PayPal account is easy and takes no more than just a few
minutes. You can head over to PayPal’s website now and get your account set up,
or you can set it up during the depositing process. All you have to do is
provide a little bit of basic information, connect an email address, and you’re
good to go! Remember, you don’t have to create an account if you don’t want to
in order to deposit money into a PayPal gambling site. You can always choose to
checkout as a guest and still get the depositing benefits of using PayPal.

Do I Have to Use PayPal Forever If I Choose to Deposit with It?

Nope! One of the great things about betting sites accepting PayPal that we
recommended on this page is that most of them have a lot of additional banking
options that you can use. Do you need to use additional options? Probably not,
but it’s nice to know that you have those options for whatever reason you decide
you need to use something else.

Can I Use PayPal Without a PayPal Account?

Yes! PayPal gives you the option to check out as a guest during the
depositing process. When you do this, you will still get the benefits from
PayPal, but your information will just not be saved for future transactions.
Keep in mind that if you do not create a PayPal account, you won’t be able to
withdraw your money to PayPal until you do. You will be able to take advantage
of the other withdrawal options but not on PayPal unless you have an account.

Does PayPal Work with Mobile Gambling Sites as Well?

PayPal most certainly works with mobile gaming sites, and you can make your
deposits directly from your phone, tablet, or smart device if you want to. All
of the PayPal gambling sites we recommended at the top of the page have great
mobile platforms where you can play your games on the go. You can handle all
your banking through PayPal on the go as well. There is never a need to go to a
desktop or laptop computer unless you want to play from one.

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