Best Esports Betting Sites in 2024

Betting on traditional sports such as football, basketball, and soccer is already an overcrowded niche. The numbers are big in terms of wagers, the number of bookies, and active bettors. The profitability odds have remained at a stellar level.

Esports, on the other hand, is a relatively new form of online betting that could shape the future of the entire online betting industry. With more and more esports betting sites crashing the party, our emails are getting swamped by various questions related to betting on esports.

Let’s start off with the biggest one! What are the best esports betting sites?

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
50% Up To $250 Visit Site
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Best Esports Gambling Sites in 2024

Best Bookmaker for Users in the US – BetUS

BetUS LogoThe US is a booming market for esports gambling. More and more states are joining the sports betting bandwagon, and esports ought to be a large part of it. If you’re living in a state that allows online esports betting websites, look no further than BetUS!

Bookmaker With the Best Esports Bet Variety – Betway

BetWay LogoBetway is well known for going out of its way to provide users with impressive betting variety. Esports props and special bets are great here. While other major bookies have a plethora of props during the biggest events, Betway has them all year long!

Bookmaker With Earliest Esports Lines – BetOnline

BetOnline LogoYou just can’t beat BetOnline when it comes to being the first to have odds for esports events. We’re not saying they’re the be-all and end-all of speed, other bookies aren’t too far off. But if you’re all about getting your bets in early, BetOnline will have you covered.

Bookmaker With Best Bonuses – MyBookie

MyBookie LogoLooking for ways to boost your bonus bankroll even further? If you are, MyBookie is the obvious way to go! Whether you’re into sports or esports betting, MyBookie’s generous welcome bonuses and frequent freebies will give you extra stuff to bet with every now and then.

Website With the Best Esports Odds – 22Bet

22Bet Logo
If you’re looking for a great all-arounder that will sweep you off your feet with extremely low profit margins (read excellent odds), then 22Bet is where you should go right now! They’re a well-known player in the industry, don’t mess around with their esports coverage, and have a simple yet intuitive website design that won’t make you hate your life every time you try to place a bet.

Trustworthy and Fast Paying Bookmaker –

22Bet Logo is no stranger to the world of online betting, and has adapted nicely to accommodate esports bettors as well. If you are looking for a reputable, fast paying, and overall user friendly esports gambling site, then look no further! There are plenty of bonuses to take advantage of here, as well as other perks for first timers. Check out our review to learn more.

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Esports Gambling Sites for Tournaments

League of Legends, Dota 2, and CSGO are by far the most popular markets on online esports gambling sites. Each game has one or two standout events every year. Events that exceed the typical margins and offer a month-long esports festival with all the best teams and breathtaking prize pools.

Obviously, these tournaments attract a lot of attention. People from all around the world tune into the action, and a fair share of them wants to test their luck too. If this sounds fun, but you don’t know much about the biggest esports events to bet on, here’s a quick top three:

Biggest CSGO Tournaments to Bet On – Major Championships

CSGO is no longer focusing on standalone events throughout the year and two Major Championships to wrap everything up. Nowadays, it’s more about circuits and series, just like other popular esports like Dota 2 and League of Legends.

But CSGO Major Championships are still the bread and butter of competitive CSGO. Even though they had a forced hiatus recently, the newest Majors came in strong with the highest-ever prize pools in CSGO. CSGO betting being the vibrant community everyone knows

Biggest League of Legends Tournaments to Bet On – LoL Worlds

League of Legends’ regional championships are where stars are born. They are then chiseled into legends on the two main annual events; Mid-season Invitational and LoL World Championship. The latter represents the pinnacle of the game’s season, featuring the very best teams from all of its competitive regions. It’s the ultimate way to wrap up a season; year in and year out, LoL Worlds breaks its own popularity records.

Biggest Dota 2 Tournaments to Bet On – The International

When it comes to Dota 2, there’s just one massive event to talk about. It is, of course, The International. Year in and year out, this event breaks its own records for the highest prize pool in esports. Obviously, such a lucrative atmosphere brings forth a ton of popularity, too. If there’s a lot of money on the line and people from all over the world tune into the live action, the betting sphere flourishes.

Real Money Esports Betting Websites by Game

The thing with esports betting is that there are just so many titles to
choose from. Whether you’re a sports type of guy (FIFA, NBA 2K), FPS addict
(Overwatch, CS:GO), or MOBA fanatic (LoL, Dota 2), esports betting sites
ought to cater toward all your needs.

Thanks to a plentiful array of markets, esports online gambling enthusiasts don’t
lack the depth or width at any given point in the calendar. However, if you’re
just starting to take interest in esports, you might find all these markets
intimidating. There’s nothing to worry about, though, we’ve all been there at
some point. If you don’t know where to kick things off, here are short
explanations of the most popular markets at top-tier esports betting sites.



People love to bet on CS:GO,
It’s a fact! This simple yet so complex esports title makes for a pleasant
viewing experience as well as a hectic betting environment. Even though it
doesn’t feature a huge annual tournament (like LoL Worlds or Dota 2 The
Internationals), CS:GO’s competitive events are scattered throughout the year
meaning there’s always top-tier matches to bet on. That’s the secret behind
CS:GO’s betting popularity and the main reason why its betting presence won’t be
dropping down anytime soon.

Dota 2

Dota 2 Logo

We’re sure you’ve all heard about The International Dota 2 tournaments. They
are the most lucrative events in esports, racking in over $25,000,000 in prize
pool money. The Internationals have a superb
betting presence. In fact, not just for TIs but all Dota 2 events that are a
part of its Pro Circuit, including both Majors and Minors. Still, Dota 2
betting websites are busiest during The Internationals, since it takes a lot
of effort to cater to all Dota 2 betting enthusiasts.

League of Legends

League of Legends Logo

Even though some say League of Legends is past its peak, its betting presence
is still relatively high. Annual World Championships continue to make waves for
all major LoL betting sites. Additionally, the community is still at an admirable
level with bookies offering abundant betting options for the world’s second most
popular MOBA title.


Overwatch Logo

Overwatch League is the bread and butter of Overwatch betting sites. It is the pinnacle of Overwatch’s competitive
season so it comes as no surprise to see it bringing forth the majority of
Overwatch betting action. With the hottest Overwatch talent participating in
this event, there’s no lack of tight contests, tough comebacks, and drama.

Rocket League

Rocket League Logo

Rocket League is an exceptional esports title combining hectic car mayhem
with soccer. Its esports presence is portrayed through the Rocket League
Championship Series
, a lengthy league-like competition featuring the worlds
hottest talents. The betting aspect is still on the rise, especially during
RLCS. People love to bet
on Rocket League due to its thrilling, fast-paced contests.

Apex Legends

Apex Legends Logo

Even though Apex Legends betting still hasn’t reached the level of CS:GO,
LoL, and Dota 2, its first steps are actually pretty good. There is a ton of
tournaments available, albeit smaller scale ones, providing plenty of work for Apex
Legends betting sites. It’s a brand new esports title we’re talking about
here. One that doesn’t lack potential, that’s for sure!


Valorant Logo

Valorant betting seems to be a massively popular search term even though the game itself has only just released. Riot Games’ new esports masterpiece released on June 2nd, 2020 and is aiming to conquer the esports scene with its fast-paced, round-based FPS goodness. The hype is real, and it’s fueled by a ton of Twitch coverage from the closed beta. Combine that with unique classes (AKA agents), tactics-based gameplay, and most likely, a fully franchised system ought to make Valorant betting more than just a short-term fad. Are we looking at the biggest esports title in the making?


Fortnite Logo

Fortnite is one of the world’s most popular video games of all time. With over 350 million players worldwide, you could consider this game to be a cultural phenomenon. Not only is Fortnite a popular game, but it is also a popular esport. Fortnite tournaments have had prize pools larger than Wimbledon, Indy 500, and the Masters. These are some of the most intense matches in all of esports with this much money on the line. Making Fortnite one of the most entertaining esports to bet on.

Rainbow Six Siege

Rainbow Six Siege Logo

Nowadays, Rainbow Six Siege is popular among esports bettors. There are always decent tournaments to bet on, the level of competitiveness is always at an admirable level, and Rainbow Six Siege betting sites are going out of their way to ensure the satisfaction of their users. The quality and quantity of specials are there too, although you won’t find them on anything but the biggest events. We’re talking about the Invitationals and Majors here. If you’re into that sort of stuff and you’re a hardcore R6S fan, then what are you waiting for?

Call of Duty

Call of Duty Logo

Call of Duty betting sites, thanks to the rapid growth popularity of the CDL, are growing in numbers. If you’re interested in betting on CoD, you should definitely check out our dedicated guide. It’s concise, informative, and features only the best names in the industry.
As for the Call of Duty game itself, we’re finally looking at a well-balanced experience that’s enjoyable for players, fans, and bettors. The CDL is still far from the expected numbers; it’s getting there, slowly but surely. The FPS genre is as wicked as they come. A game with such pedigree ought to make it rain in the foreseeable future.

FIFA Esports


The video game FIFA has been around since the mid-1990s, and for multiple decades, it has been the most popular online soccer game. It only makes sense with a game that has been around that long that an esports scene developed around it. Now esports betting sites are offering odds on all different types of FIFA esports matchups. Our recommended esports betting sites will have you covered on all FIFA esports events, from the FIFA eWorld Cup to the FIFA Global series.

King of Glory

King of Glory Logo

King of Glory is a multiplayer online battle arena developed by TiMi Studios and published by Tencent Games for the iOS and Android mobile platforms for the Chinese market. The international adaptation that you might be familiar with is named Arena of Valor. Whether you call it King of Glory or Arena of Valor, online betting sites provide odds on this exciting mobile game and you can get in on the action at our top-rated esports betting sites!

Esports Betting Trends and Popularity

In 2024, GlobalWebIndex reported on sports betting interest in the US. GWI did research with 1,055 respondents who were sports fans. They were given a wide variety of sports categories and were asked a simple question, “Would you bet on this sport?” and 23% of them said yes to esports betting. That might not seem like a lot at first, but WNBA and MLB got just 16% and 21% on the same survey. NFL and NBA are leading the front; this is nothing surprising considering the massive popularity they enjoy.

While we don’t have any concrete betting numbers for 2024, we do know more about the overall popularity of esports in the US. An online survey in April 2024 took the answers of 2,200 respondents, and 20% of them stated that they watch esports matches every now and then. 13% are casual fans, 7% are avid.

The popularity of esports betting sites is still largely unknown. Even though they are regulated and offer real money esports betting, bookies don’t like sharing their numbers with the public., however, took a different approach with their 2020 esports betting statistics.

Among other interesting insights,’s stats pointed out CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends as the top esports disciplines by betting volumes. Nothing surprising there. What is surprising is the average bet category which saw LoL at the top spot with €32.34. CSGO, for contrast, barely broke into the top ten with €21.41. The likes of King of glory and Call of Duty round off the top three alongside League of Legends.

Difference Between Virtual Betting and Esports Betting

In addition to esports betting, sportsbooks often have virtual sports betting options, too. These two should not be mixed up as they represent completely different things.

Esports Betting

This represents betting on well-structured and organized esports events played by professional esports athletes. The most popular esports betting categories are CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends. You can watch live esports matches on sites like Twitch and YouTube.

Virtual Betting

This represents betting on CPU vs. CPU sports. It’s just a bunch of CPU-driven random-number-generators with no human interaction dictating the final results. Virtual betting spans across all conventional sports; soccer, football, basketball, tennis, horse/dog racing, etc.

Basics of Betting on Esports – How to Win Real Money

Controller for GamingHere’s some crucial information on how you can milk esports gambling sites for what they’re worth.

Look for Reputable Esports Bookies

First things first, you need to find yourself a couple of fine esports gambling sites! Why is that in plural? Well, you need a few names on the table so you can make some comparisons and figure out which one best fits your needs. Looking for a list of good bookies? Scroll to the top of this piece, and you’ll find just what you’re looking for!

Be Patient When Doing Research

Don’t half-bake your bets! Take your time, do plenty of research, and the hard work will pay off! Perhaps it won’t pay off right away, but it definitely will in the long run. Don’t let others do the thinking for you! Think for yourself.

Don’t get us wrong; it’s okay to consult others, but basing your opinion on someone else’s research is a poor investment plan! Always do your own research and always be extra thorough; most importantly, don’t succumb to the pressure of betting just for the sake of betting. If there are no good betting opportunities available, it’s okay to skip a day or two.

Exploit Esports Bonuses

Should you register for an account on more than a single esports bookmaker? Well, it’s not against the laws, that’s for sure! Mind you, you’re not allowed to create multiple accounts on a single bookie, but you can make one account on multiple bookmakers. Just look for those with the most generous bonuses and play it smart.

Best Esports Betting Site Bonuses

Here’s a short section dedicated to the best bonuses on esports bookmakers:

Welcome Bonuses

BetUS Bonuses and Promotions
Welcome bonuses are the most popular bunch! Bookmakers use them to bring new players in, and new players love them because they give a sense of success right off the bat. They are capped at a certain amount and depend on the first deposit. The more you deposit upon registration, the bigger the welcome bonus will be waiting in your betting bankroll.

No-Deposit Bonuses

Similar to welcome bonuses, these are also awarded to newly registered accounts. The difference is that no-deposit bonuses aren’t tied to your initial deposit. They always amount to the same fixed amount. The similarities are just like welcome bonuses; no-deposit bonuses also have tough rollovers you have to push through to get your hands on the money.

Free Bets

What’s better than having a bunch of money in your bonus bankroll? Well, some firmly believe free bets are better, and there’s no shortage of bookmakers offering exactly that.

What are free bets? It’s basically another form of betting incentive used by bookmakers to lure in more players. Are they better than welcome and no-deposit bonuses? Well, it all depends on who you ask, really.

Let’s wrap this section up with a table featuring updated bonuses on esports gambling sites:

Online Betting Site Bonus
22Bet 100% Welcome Bonus up to $122 100% Welcome Bonus up to $100
Unikrn $250 First Deposit Bonus 100% First Deposit and €25 Free Bet
BetWay Up to $30 in Free Bets
BetOnline 50% Matched Deposit up to $1,000
ArcaneBet 100% Welcome Bonus up to $100
888Sport $30 in Free Bets
BetUS 100% Welcome Bonus up to $2,500
MyBookie 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
Remote Gaming Controller

Live Betting on Esports

Live betting on esports for money hasn’t been around for too long. Just recently, the top online esports betting sites started implementing esports markets in their live coverage. What does this mean for the average bettor? Well, there are several key factors that come into play here, all of which benefit the bettors.
  • The ability to watch matches and sense momentum
  • The ability to monitor live odds and analyze momentum shifts
  • The ability to counter bets based on current gameplay
  • The ability to place live bets on ongoing matches

Different Bet Types Available at Esports Betting Sites

Let’s start off with typical esports props, then move our way towards the most common ones in CSGO, Dota 2, and LoL betting markets!

Typical Esports Prop Bets

League of Legends Logo

  • Handicap
    • Usually, esports matches are played in the best of x It’s typically either best of 3, best of 5, and best of 7. All matches begin with both teams on equal footing. Handicap wagers alter that, giving one team 1.5 or 2.5 advantage. Your goal is simple—guess the final outcome with the added advantage.
  • Correct Score
    • If you’re looking for straightforward high-risk bets, then correct score is the obvious choice. It is what its name suggests. Just guess the exact score at the end of the match and the pot is all yours!
  • Tournament Winner
    • This is typically the only futures bet available on online esports bookmakers. The premise is quite simple; you’re not betting on the outcome of a single match but the whole tournament.

Most Common CSGO Prop Bets


  • Both Pistol Round Wins
    • CSGO matches have two halves, each starting with a pistol round. Pistol rounds are important because winning them grants you a buy in the next round, allowing you to effectively snatch four or even six rounds (depending on opponents’ eco). Your job here is to guess if a team is going to win both pistol rounds.
  • Total Rounds/Maps
    • Total rounds bets allow you to bet on the total number of rounds in the first, second, or third map. Bookies will give you a rough estimate, e.g. 26.5, and it’s on you to guess if the actual number will be over or under 26.5. The same goes for maps, but only for bo3 and bo5 matches.
  • Overtime
    • Most CSGO events have the overtime rule. If the regular match finishes 15-15, it goes into overtime. Overtimes are quite common, and it’s up to you to predict if they’re going to happen.
  • Player vs. Player Kills/Assists
    • The bookies will give you two players and you have to guess which of them will have more kills or assists (depending on the bet) at the end of the match. Pretty straightforward, right?

Most Common Dota 2/LoL Prop Bets

Dota 2 Logo

  • First Blood
    • First blood is the name of the very first kill in a LoL/Dota 2 match. It’s important for several reasons, which is why esports betting websites allow users to bet on it. The bet is fairly simple and fast, all you have to do is guess which team will get first blood and that’s it.
  • Team to Get the First Turret/Tower Down
    • Turrets/towers are the first line of defense in Dota 2 and League of Legends. Your job is to guess which team will destroy one first.
  • First to Kill Roshan/Nashor
    • Roshan and Nashor are the elite neutral monsters in League of Legends and Dota 2. Killing them is of pivotal importance for winning a match, and lots of esports bookmakers allow you to bet on which team will be the first to do it in the given match.
  • Player With Most Kills/Assists/Deaths
    • For this bet, you just have to correctly guess the best player in the category, be it kills, assists, and deaths. They don’t come any simpler than this.
  • Match Duration Over/Under
    • Matches in League of Legends aren’t played in rounds. They are one whole unity, with early, mid, and late game. They typically last 20-30 minutes, though longer marathons aren’t a rare occurrence.
  • Player vs. Player Kills
    • Just like with CSGO, bookies give you two players and you have to guess which of them will finish the game with more kills.
  • First Team to X Kills
    • League of Legends bookmakers tend to have these first team to 10/20/30 kills betting options. They’re simple, so you might as well give them a try.

Special Bets

In this day and age, virtually all noteworthy esports betting sites offer several types of special bets. These lines are often catered towards specific in-game occurrences, but there are universal ones that work with more than one esports title. We’re referring to the likes of total kill counts, rounds over/under, correct score.

Game-specific specials are a bit trickier. To nail them correctly, not only do you need to have great general knowledge about the game itself, but you also need to be on top of the most recent pro-scene action. Game-specific bets usually come in the form of player kill counts, global objective contests (first to Baron, first to Roshan, first to destroy Barracks/Tower), and other quantifiable in-game factors. While special bets indeed are much more enjoyable than standard bets, and often have greater value, they’re quite tricky to begin with. Keep that in mind before you start splurging a ton of money on specials.

Mobile Betting on Esports

BetOnline Esports Betting on iPhoneMobile betting on esports is no longer a niche thing. You no longer have to look specifically for bookmakers that sell betting on the fly as their biggest virtue.

These days, most (if not all) reputable online esports betting sites offer mobile-friendly platforms. Be it through dedicated apps, HTML wrappers, or just mobile-friendly web; most top-tier bookies will provide you with a great betting experience through your smartphone.

Perks of mobile-friendly esports gambling websites is that they allow all these things to be done on the fly:

  • Searching odds and lines
  • Exploring esports betting markets
  • Depositing money
  • Placing wagers
  • Withdrawing money

No matter where you are, mobile-friendly esports betting sites will provide you with all the tools you need to place bets and win real money.

Esports Betting Sites FAQ

What Are the Best Esports Betting Sites in 2024?

We’re at the point where there are no longer esports-specific websites setting the tempo. For a few years now, the top-ranking esports bookmakers were actually seasoned veterans in the sports betting business. We’re talking about world-class sportsbooks who were quick to adopt esports markets and are now enjoying the fruits of their labor.

If you want concrete names, scroll back to the top of this page and you’ll see our favorites. That should save you a few hours of research, we guarantee it! If you don’t like scrolling, just click here and we’ll take you there!

What Makes the Best Esports Bookmakers?

Why don’t we just label one bookmaker as the best esports bookmaker out there and get on with our lives? It’s because there is no such thing as one bookmaker to rule them all. Bettors have different expectations; not everyone wants the same exact experience on online esports betting websites.

We all value things differently. But if you need guidance on the key characteristics of esports gambling sites, we’re here to provide:

  • Variety of esports markets
  • Early esports odds
  • Low bookie fees
  • Fast payouts
  • Intuitive design
  • Betting licenses
  • Esports-specific bonuses
  • Variety of prop bets
  • Live betting options
  • Quality customer support

The list could go on and on; these are just the key characteristics of online esports bookmakers.

Is Esports Gambling Dangerous?

It’s as dangerous as you make it be. The choice is all yours! If you’re betting on licensed real money esports betting sites, you should be fine. If, however, you take the shady road and invest in skin gambling platforms, your mileage may vary. They don’t follow any regulations, have no licenses, and are usually either in the gray area or outright illegal. There are some exceptions, but they’re just not worth the effort considering just how easy it is to start betting on esports for money the legit way.

Is It Legal to Use Esports Gambling Sites?

There are legal esports gambling sites, but illegal ones, too! We’ve already emphasized the latter earlier. Skin gambling sites are mostly illegal and we don’t recommend betting on them. You probably won’t get in trouble for using them, but they’re just not worth the risk or effort. If you want to test your luck and knowledge on real money esports bookmakers, opt for the fully licensed ones.

What Are the Minimum Deposits for Esports Bets?

The minimum deposits on esports bookmakers range from $10 to $50. The amounts don’t just vary from bookie to bookie but from payment method to payment method too. Some payment methods go as low as $10, while others (various e-wallets and similar payment getaways) will require $50 and upward.

What Are the Most Popular Esports to Bet On?

There are three esports markets that are literally untouchable in the betting sphere. We’re talking about CSGO, Dota 2, and League of Legends. These have been by far the most popular esports for almost a decade now, each having a large betting community.

Other notable titles are Valorant, FIFA, eFootball, Rainbow Six, Rocket League, and Overwatch. Most of these games are only featured during their biggest LAN events, whereas you’ll find proper coverage for the above-mention trio all year round.

What Are the Biggest Esports Events to Bet On?

  • Dota 2 The International
  • League of Legends World Championship
  • CSGO Majors

These are the most popular esports events on the planet. While we don’t have concrete betting information about them, we can say with enough certainty that they are indeed the biggest esports events to bet on.

Can You Bet on Esports Live?

It all depends on which bookie you’re asking about. There’s no one size fits all kind of answer here. Though, live betting on esports has become a standard. Plenty of top-ranking bookies now feature live betting. The easiest way to find out is to hop on the bookie you’re interested in and examine the markets.

Do Esports Bookmakers Allow Early Payouts?

Same as above; some do, some don’t. You’ll have to check the bookie’s fine print if you want to know for sure!

Can I Win Real Money by Betting on Esports?

Yes, we’ve been talking about real money esports betting sites throughout this entire piece. Real money bookmakers are your only legit option. And believe it or not, there’s plenty of money to be won. Thanks to good odds, great bet variety and exceptional coverage, you’ll always have high-value bets to place. That’s the charm of betting on esports in 2024.

What Are the Biggest Esports Gambling Payouts Ever?

Unfortunately, we don’t have a lot of useful stats to share here. Perhaps the one that stands out the most is the biggest odds for winning an esports bet in 2020. Someone invested €20 on an x327 return, getting €6,450 in return.

Mind you, we’re only referring to payouts on online esports gambling sites. You’ll find plenty of wins on various skin gambling sites, but these are either outright fake and used only to lure new players in, or just not worth your time.

1st place site
Casino of the Month
250% Match Bonus
up to $5,000