Sports Betting Guide – How to Bet on Sports Online

While sports betting has a checkered past in the United States, it seems to finally be coming out of the shadows. Several states have moved to legalize and regulate sports betting since the Supreme Court made it legal for them to do so back in 2018. While more states are expected to do the same in the years ahead, you don’t have to live in a state with a regulated industry to enjoy some online sports betting.

If you’re wondering where to bet on sports online, the following top-ranked online sportsbooks are among the very best for 2024:

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Sports betting is a pastime that has been around for over 2,000 years. The first sports betting likely took place in Ancient Greece, before spreading to Ancient Rome and eventually emerging as a legitimate activity all over Europe.

Sports are incredibly popular in the United States, so it’s only natural that betting on sports would be a popular activity, too. Just about every sports fan has their opinion about how a certain game will go. So, why not put your money where your mouth is?

While betting on a game can be a pretty straightforward act, there are some intricacies involved with real money sports betting, as well. Learning about how to find value in betting odds and timing your bets accordingly are just a couple of basic skills sports bettors have to have in order to be profitable.

Of course, there is no tried-and-true method that will turn you from a beginner into an expert right away. With that said, there are a few tricks of the trade you can learn to get the very most out of your bets. If you take it seriously enough and take a methodical approach, you should be able to start making some serious money.

This page is here to tell you everything you need to know about online sports gambling. Whether you’re a novice bettor still waiting to place your first wager or a seasoned veteran of the industry, there should be something on this page for you.

Sports Betting for Beginners

The general concept of sports gambling is simple enough. You bet on whether a certain outcome occurs. If it does, you win! Of course, nothing is ever that easy. There are a few basic concepts you have to understand if you’re new to sports betting.


Beginner’s Guide to Sports Betting

Our experts have done deep dives into everything you need to know if you’re just getting started in your online or land-based sports betting endeavors. You can use the following articles as reference tools to give yourself a firm foundation of knowledge from which to build. This beginner’s guide gives you a 30,000-foot macro view of how to get started in sports betting online.

Guide to Sports Betting Odds

You won’t be able to get a grasp on how sports betting works if you first don’t understand how to read sports gambling odds. This detailed guide covers all of the basics with regard to the betting odds you’ll see at every legit online sports betting site or at a land-based sportsbook, as well as a deeper dive into how to identify potential value in the numbers.

Common Sports Betting Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s human nature. Every sports bettor will accidentally set foot in a bear trap every now and then, but it’s important to learn from your mistakes in order to improve. Turning a profit in sports betting isn’t as easy as it may sound. However, you can limit your own mistakes if you know the common pitfalls that frequently belie bettors before you get started placing bets.

Basic Probability and Betting Value

While you’re likely to turn a profit if you win more bets than you lose, that isn’t necessarily always going to be the case. That’s part of what makes sports betting difficult in the first place. That’s why you need to understand how to find value as it relates to probable outcomes. This guide goes hard into the numbers to try and better explain how you can mathematically turn a profit with sports betting online.

How to Place a Sports Bet

Betting on sports is especially hard if you don’t know what you’re doing. While placing sports bets online is becoming more and more popular, there are many different ways to wager. This page will take you through every way you can place a real money sports bet.

Tips for Sports Betting Beginners

Every experienced sports bettor has a few tips of the trade they reliably employ to try and stay ahead of the game. As you read our detailed list of tips for beginners, you’ll come to find that discipline is really the most necessary attribute for a successful sports bettor.

Benefits of Sports Betting

The internet and the United States relaxing many of its anti-gambling laws has resulted in a surge of interest in sports betting. There are many perks that come with sports betting beyond the obvious moneymaking aspect. This guide gives you a comprehensive look at everything you stand to gain by getting into betting on sports.

Mechanics of Sports Betting

Sports gambling involves a lot more math than people think. While the idea of math can certainly be a turnoff for many, it’s simple once you get the hang of it. There are some complexities that come with sports betting, but this page does a good job of simplifying everything into an easy-to-follow guide into the mechanics.

How Bookmakers Make Money

At its core, the essence of sports betting is the bettor trying to outsmart the bookmaker and vice versa. However, the bookmaker has the inherent advantage as the oddsmaker. This page details the process for bookmakers and how the house will always wind up making a profit in the long run.

Glossary of Sports Betting Terms

If you’ve spent any time in a casino before, you’ve surely heard some terms you may not be totally familiar with. One way to get yourself off to a good start is by learning the sports betting jargon. Our experts have compiled a list of all of the terms unique to sports betting that you may encounter along the way.

How to Bet on Sports Online

Isn’t technology great? Thanks to the internet, you no longer have to drive to your nearest land-based casino or place a phone call if you want to place a bet on sports. Betting on sports online is infinitely easier and more convenient than the traditional way of placing bets. You can still turn a profit and have fun without having to deal with the hassle of crowds at an old school casino. So, you get all of the perks of the sports betting experience without the negative aspects of the land-based sportsbook. What’s not to like?

With that said, you won’t be able to fully enjoy the online sports betting experience if you don’t patronize the right sites. Getting started with the online sports betting is incredibly easy.

MyBookie Homepage on Laptop

Find the Right Sports Betting Site

The list of pros that comes with betting on sports online is quite a bit longer than the list of cons. There are a few things you should be looking for in a betting site before you sign up and start betting, though. Things like comprehensive betting coverage of the sport in which you want to bet, competitive online betting odds, fast payouts, a variety of banking options, quick withdrawal speeds, and attractive bonuses are just a few of the tenets that make the real money online betting process superior to the traditional version.

The following sports betting sites check every single box when it comes to what you should be looking for in your online experience:

Sign Up and Create Your Account

Once you have settled on your betting site of choice, you’re ready to sign up and become a member. There is no membership fee, of course, so it costs you nothing to sign up. Find the site’s “Sign Up” or “Join” tab, which should be located near the top of the home page. Next, enter the required personal information, like a username and a password. In all, the sign-up process should take just a few seconds.

Make a Deposit and Collect Your Bonus

MyBookie BonusIf you’re interested in betting real money on sports, you first have to put some real money into your account. Find your site’s deposit page and choose your preferred banking option. The vast majority of major credit and debit cards will work, but you can also use an e-wallet, like PayPal, or even cryptocurrency, if you’re into that sort of thing. Just about every major online sports betting site these days now accept Bitcoin, for example.

Enter the amount of money you want to put into your account. Before submitting, though, don’t forget to redeem your welcome bonus. Enter the bonus code before you make your deposit. Once you’ve done that, your new balance should show up immediately, deposit bonus and all!

Download Your Site’s Corresponding Mobile Betting App

Do you know what’s even easier than betting online? Betting online using your mobile device! The top-rated online betting sites in the industry have all developed corresponding sports betting apps that you can download right to your smartphone or tablet. So, if you’re not around your computer, you can still very easily get your bets in.

We use our smartphones for everything these days, so why should betting on sports be any different? Once you link your online account with the site’s mobile app, your betting bankroll and everything else will be right in the palm of your hand.

Learn More About Online Sports Betting

So, we have already covered the basics when it comes to real money online sports betting. If you have a handle on the basics, you’re ready to take the next step. This section is a more detailed look at some of the advantages of betting online as opposed to doing so at a traditional land-based casino sportsbook.

Getting Started Online Sports Betting

We touched on how easy it is to get started betting real money on sports online, but if you’re a sports gambling novice that wants more information about how to get started, check out this page.

Advantages of Betting Online

There are a lot of advantages to betting online that you won’t find with the traditional way of placing sports bets. This page is designed to go into great detail regarding the perks of online sports wagering.

Choosing the Right Betting Site

Choosing your sports betting site isn’t as easy as drawing a name out of a hat. There is a lot you should be looking for in a site before you decide to give them your business. Safety and security is probably at the top of that list, but check out this page for a long look at what goes into a quality online sports betting site.

Using Multiple Betting Sites

One way to get a leg up as a sports bettor is by shopping for lines. Not all oddsmakers will see every game the same way, and you can find an edge as a bettor by identifying the discrepancies from site to site. There are no rules preventing you from signing up and betting at multiple different sites. This article tells you why you should sign up to wager at several different sites.

Bonuses and Promotions

If you want to wager on sports over the internet, you absolutely have to take advantage of the bevy of bonus offers you’ll find at online sportsbooks. Sites are always looking to attract your business, and one way they can sweeten the pot is by offering to give you free money. The best online betting sites are constantly updating their bonus offers to keep you coming back for more.

Online vs. Brick and Mortar Betting

If you want a list of the pros and cons of online betting vs. brick and mortar betting, this is the page where you’ll find just that. While we think there are many more advantages to using the internet to place your sports bets, there is still something to be said about the classic way. This page gives you a thorough look at the differences between online betting and casino betting.

Types of Sports Bets

There are many different ways to bet on a single game. That’s part of what makes sports betting so alluring. The best sites for real money sports betting online are constantly updating their offerings to attract as much interest from the betting public as possible. Read on for more information about the different types of bets you’ll encounter at sportsbooks online.

Holding Money Graphic


A moneyline bet is simply a bet on either team’s chances of winning. You have probably made this kind of bet before without even knowing it. This is the most common way to bet on a game, match, or fight.

Of course, the actual odds determine whether a moneyline bet is actually worth your time. These types of bets payout depending on how big a favorite or how significant an underdog the team is on whom you’re betting. For example, the bigger the favorite, the less money your winning bet will payout. The bigger the underdog, the more money your winning bet will be worth.

Here are a few sample moneyline betting odds like the ones you’ll find at an actual online sportsbook:

Chiefs vs Texans
NFL Moneyline Bet
Kansas City Chiefs
Houston Texans
Bucks vs Celtics
NBA Moneyline Bet
Milwaukee Bucks
Boston Celtics

The Kansas City Chiefs and the Milwaukee Bucks are listed as favorites here, as reflected by the minus-money odds.


Another way to bet on a game or fight is to wager on the over/under. In a team sport like football or basketball, the over/under is the total number of combined points both teams will score in a game. There are also variations on the over/under at certain sportsbooks, including the total number of points one team will score, or the total number of points both teams will combine to score in a single quarter or half.

In a boxing match or an MMA fight, oddsmakers will put an over/under on the total number of rounds that will be needed in order to complete the fight. Both sides of the over and under bet are commonly listed with the same -110 odds, but these numbers can fluctuate depending on how much public money is coming in on either side.

For example, let’s say the over/under on an NBA game between the Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers is listed at 230.5. You can bet on the teams combining to score 229 points or fewer, or 231 or more. Both sides will likely payout at similar odds.

We have included examples of over/under bets you will see betting online below:

Nurmagomedov vs Gaethje
UFC Over/Under Bet
Over 3.5 Rounds
Under 3.5 Rounds
Lakers vs Rockets
NBA Over/Under Bet
Over 230.5
Under 230.5

Point Spread

One way that oddsmakers can try and level the playing field between two teams in a game is by installing a point spread. Point spreads are most commonly found in the United States at sports betting sites with team sports like football or basketball. The point spread accounts for a potentially lopsided matchup so that all of the betting activity doesn’t just flood to one team.

Panthers vs Eagles
NFL Point Spread
Carolina Panthers
+7 (-115)
Philadelphia Eagles
-7 (-115)
Clippers vs Thunder
NBA Spread Bet
Los Angeles Clippers
-8 (-115)
Oklahoma City Thunder
+8 (-105)

With the point spread, the idea is to bet on one of the teams “covering” the spread. Let’s say the Philadelphia Eagles are 7-point favorites over the Carolina Panthers. If you want to bet on the Panthers to cover the spread, they either have to win the game outright or lose by less than 7 points. If you want to bet on the Eagles to cover, they have to win by at least 8 points. If the Eagles win by exactly 7 points in this example, the bet is a push and you’ll get your risk amount back.


Futures bets are wagers on a long-term outcome. So, instead of betting on the result of a single game, you’re instead betting on something like the outcome of a season or an eventual champion.

For Example:

Let’s say you want to bet on your favorite team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl before the season even starts. Futures bets can be risky considering a lot can happen to cause a shift in the odds, but these bets offer big payouts if you happen to get them right.

You may hear the term “outright” to describe a futures bet, but they’re the same thing. As an example, oddsmakers will handicap every team’s chances of winning the Super Bowl before a season starts. You can take advantage of the odds at any point during the season, but they tend to fluctuate as a result of injuries or other happenings that may change a certain team’s long-term outlook.

Using our aforementioned Super Bowl example, futures odds will look like this at online sportsbooks:

  • Kansas City Chiefs: +600
  • Baltimore Ravens: +650
  • San Francisco 49ers: +1000
  • New Orleans Saints: +1200
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: +1400
  • Dallas Cowboys: +1500
  • Seattle Seahawks: +1600
  • Indianapolis Colts: +2000
  • Green Bay Packers: +2200
  • Philadelphia Eagles: +2200


Prop (proposition) bets are designed to be fun. There can be a certain element of luck involved in being a profitable props bettor, but it’s still possible. A prop bet is a wager on a certain occurrence taking place during a game. Props exploded into the mainstream in the United States back in the mid-1980s thanks to the Super Bowl. Prop bets are a way for bettors to wager on a game without having to worry about the actual win/loss result of the game itself.

  • Will Tom Brady throw over or under 2.5 touchdown passes?
  • Will Kawhi Leonard score over or under 25.5 points?
  • Will Yu Darvish strike out over or under 6.5 batters?
  • Which team will score first in a game?
  • Will there be a safety in the game?

These are just a few of the seemingly endless array of prop bets available across a variety of sports that you can find at real money sports gambling sites.


Betting Money

With a parlay, you are essentially folding two (or more) different bets into one. Betting on one game is difficult enough, but with a parlay you are trying to maximize your profit by betting multiple different outcomes at the same time. You make several different selections, and you have to get them all right if you are to win your bet. One wrong move and you lose.

Winning a parlay can require a certain element of luck, but if you do happen to strike gold, there is all sorts of upside. Parlays are popular with bettors because of the massive payouts. You place just one wager on a variety of different results, and the odds get more profitable with the more selections you make.

These are just a few of the different ways you can wager on a single game. The possibilities are limitless, and there are still other ways to attack a game that we haven’t yet detailed. Head to the page linked below for more information about other types of sports bets you can make.

Sports Betting Essentials

Betting is a game of chance. In most cases, you are simply betting on which team will win or lose a game. While the element of randomness does exist, there is still plenty of skill involved with being a profitable sports bettor. The bookmakers set the odds, which gives them something of an inherent advantage, but there are some strategies you can employ to try and improve your own chances.

Sports Betting Essentials

If you’re new to sports gambling online, it’s best to start with the essentials. Once you know how to read and identify value in the odds along with the basics of actually placing your bet, you’re ready to learn ancillary skills like how to manage your bankroll and react to potential line changes. This article offers advice on the fundamentals of being a smart sports bettor.

Successful Betting Tips

Anyone can place a sports bet. However, not everyone can place sports bet after sports bet and win consistently. There is a stark difference between being a casual bettor looking to get your kicks and a successful bettor that can turn it into a legitimately profitable endeavor. This page covers a few key elements of what separates a good competitive bettor from a casual one.

Sports Betting Bankroll Management

It may sound mundane, but being able to properly manage your bankroll is a crucial part of maintaining success in the sports betting realm. If you plan to make sports betting more than just a hobby, you will first need to learn how to manage your bankroll so that you don’t get too ahead of yourself. Mismanaging bankroll is a common mistake among bettors. Learn how to avoid those mistakes by checking out this page.

Choosing the Right Bets

There are plenty of factors that come into play when you’re choosing the right betting site. So, why should choosing the right bet be any different? Casual bettors may want to bet on a game because their favorite team is playing. Of course, betting with your heart instead of your head is a pretty easy mistake to make. Taking the bias out of the equation can help you make a long-term profit. Learn how to pick the right bets in this article.

Account Limits

Sometimes, real money sports gambling sites may limit your account if certain red flags arise. If your account is limited, you can only wager a certain amount at a given time. If the bookmaker suspects you of doing something that goes against the rules, you may find your account restricted. Read this article for more information on how you can avoid having your betting account locked up.

Odds and Line Changes

Sports betting odds are constantly fluctuating. The goal of bookmakers is to limit their liability and win as often as possible. As a result, they will often change their betting lines and odds to reflect how the public is reacting to certain lines. If you’re wondering what goes into the processes oddsmakers undertake when they set or change their betting lines, check out this article.

Sports Betting Strategy

Now that you understand the basics, you’re ready for a deeper dive into the actual betting strategies that are commonly employed by pro sports bettors. Not every bettor utilizes the same strategy, so it will be worth your while to read through a few of the tried-and-true methods that some take to make a profit over time. Winning consistently is no easy task, but if you take note of the following strategies, you, too, can enjoy a good amount of long-term success.

This section goes into great detail regarding sports betting strategy. The articles listed below have all been penned by those that have enjoyed their own degree of success within the industry. While your own success is no guarantee, you can do a lot worse than to listen to the advice of experienced professionals.

General Sports Betting Strategy

This page is our hub for all things related to the strategy of wagering on sports. These tools can be utilized at land-based or online sportsbooks, so bookmarking this article to use as a point of reference is a good idea. This page will provide you with everything you need to start creating your own strategy for betting on sports.

Research and Analysis

While the process of actually placing your sports bet is easy, you can improve your chances by conducting some research before you put your money on the line. Casual bettors don’t spend much time researching before they place their real money sports bets, but those that put in the time tend to fare better in the long haul.

Kelly Criterion

Most within the industry are familiar with the Kelly Criterion. This strategy can be utilized across a number of different forms of betting, and sports wagering is no exception. The point of the Kelly Criterion is simple: You’re trying to maximize your potential returns while minimizing your chances of killing your whole bankroll. Check out this page for a very detailed look into how the Kelly Criterion can be a useful tool in your sports betting endeavors.

Finding Betting Value

We’ve mentioned betting value time and time again, but that’s because it’s incredibly important. Our goal is to try to help you hone your online sports gambling skills as finely as possible so that you can enjoy a lucrative and fun experience. You won’t turn a profit over time if you don’t properly assess value and risk before you get started. This article takes a long look at how you can learn to better read sports betting odds and refine your overall betting process.

Fading the Public

There is a lot of bias in the general betting public. One thing smart bettors do is ignore the noise. If your process is sound, you will be right more often than not. Fading the public and chasing the steam is a popular strategy among pros. Betting lines often change as a result of the betting public flooding the market with bets on one side, which can create some value if you take a contrarian approach and bet against the general public.

Arbitrage Betting

Arbitrage betting is is a certain form of hedging your bets. With arbitrage betting, though, you are essentially trying to cover every base by placing a series of bets on all possible outcomes of an event. If you use the odds strategically, you can guarantee to turn a profit regardless of the game’s actual outcome. Arbitrage betting isn’t an easy skill to learn, but it’s one way to try and grind out a long-term profit.

Betting Guides by Sport

Sports betting is a bit of a catch-all term. While there are strategies you can use to improve your chances across a number of different sports, there are also intricacies from sport to sport that make them unique from one another from a betting perspective. The tips above can be used regardless of whether you’re betting on football, cricket, soccer, or rugby.

However, if you’re looking for a more detailed look at how to approach each individual sport, we have you covered. While sports like basketball, football, tennis, and soccer are among the most popular on earth for betting, we aren’t slackers when it comes to our online sports gambling guides. All of our sport-by-sport betting guides can be found below:

Betting Sites by Sport or League

If you’re looking for somewhere to bet on these sports online, we’ve got you covered. Below we’ve included a list of pages on the best online betting sites for the most popular sports to bet on in the world!

US Sports Betting

US Flag

Sports betting is an industry that has largely operated in the dark in the United States for years. For a long time, Nevada was the only state in the US that offered fully legalized and state-sanctioned sports betting. However, everything changed in May of 2018 when the US Supreme Court voted to strike down the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act (PASPA). That decision cleared the way for states to decide for themselves whether to offer regulated sports betting.

Since then, more than a dozen states have already legalized sports betting in some form or fashion. The vast majority of Americans now place sports bets on their mobile devices, but the online industry, in general, is booming.

Football is the most popular sport in the United States, so it comes as no surprise that the vast majority of American sportsbooks see most of their activity in the fall and winter during football season. Basketball, baseball, and golf are among the more popular American sports, as well. While not every state has fully legal sports betting yet, Americans still have access to a number of high-quality sites that operate offshore. The best sports betting websites for American sports bettors offer fast payouts, the best odds online, attractive bonuses, and everything else you’re looking for in a betting site.

US Sports Betting

Sports Betting Blog

If you’re looking for advice on how to bet on certain events, or whether you’re in the market for more strategy guides, we recommend consulting our sports betting blog. Our team of writers has enjoyed quite a bit of sports betting success over the years, so you know you’re getting legit advice from seasoned professionals. Our blog is updated several times a day, so we are always on top of the latest developments in the world of sports betting online.

Sports & Betting Blog

Latest Sports Betting News

Sometimes, it can be difficult to stay on top of the 24-hour news cycle. Fortunately, we do it so you don’t have to. Our sports betting news section is designed to help you keep up with all of the latest happenings in the world of sports betting. Gambling laws are changing all the time, so the best way of staying up to date is by frequenting our constantly-updated sports betting news section.

Sports Betting News

Sports Betting Picks

Some tout sites will make you pay for picks on games, fights, or matches. We’re the exception to that rule. At, we pride ourselves on offering valuable picks free of charge. You won’t find many sites giving away quality game picks for free. Our experts are uploading picks on a wide variety of sports every single day as a way of helping you turn a profit.

Free Betting Picks

Sports Betting FAQ

Is Sports Betting Online Legal?

As mentioned, the US Supreme Court made it legal for states to operate their own sports betting industries back in 2018. While many states still have unregulated markets, there is nothing preventing Americans in those states from placing real money sports bets online without having to worry about negative legal repercussions.

Most American anti-gambling laws are written to prevent Americans from operating their own illegal sportsbooks, either online or in person. Those laws are not designed to keep Americans from actually placing bets at sportsbooks, regardless of whether those providers operate domestically or offshore. While sports betting is not explicitly legal in every state, you’re not running afoul of the law by placing sports bets online either.

Is It Possible to Win Real Money Betting on Sports?

Yes! Many people make a living betting on sports. If it were easy, though, everyone would do it. You can definitely make a profit betting on sports as long as you’re diligent, careful, and committed to your process. Learning a few tricks of the trade as you develop your skills can help you make real money betting on sports online.

How Much Money Can I Win Sports Betting?

How much money you win obviously depends on your betting volume. Professional bettors may risk hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single bet, for example. Of course, any novice bettor will be better suited to place smaller bets to try and build that bankroll before going all-in like the high rollers. While there are some that profit enough from sports betting to make it their primary source of income, the majority of bettors place bets to make some extra money on the side.

Can I Bet on Sports Online Safely?

Not only can you bet real money on sports online, but doing so has our full endorsement. There are countless online sportsbooks that offer real money betting options across a wide array of different sports. Whether it’s football, soccer, golf, basketball, or hockey, it’s never been easier to place real money sports bets over the internet.

Is Online Sports Betting Safe?

Betting online is as safe as you make it. There are some operators out there that are not operating in your best interests, unfortunately. On the bright side, you can rest assured knowing that we would never refer you to a single online betting site that doesn’t meet our high standards when it comes to safety and security. The biggest names in the sports betting industry have worked over the years to solidify their reputations as safe places to bet online.

As long as you take the proper precautions and don’t sign up for a site that doesn’t have a strong reputation, it’s easy to safely bet on sports online.

How Do I Get Started Sports Betting for Real Money?

This comprehensive how-to guide is geared towards beginners looking to embark on a sports betting endeavor for the first time. Finding the right betting site is the first step, and several of the guides listed at the top of this page can tell you all you need to know about how to get started.

Where Can I Bet on Sports Online?

There are all sorts of legitimate online sportsbooks out there ready to take bets. Some are better than others, though, which is why we recommend consulting our exhaustive rankings of the best online sportsbooks in the industry. Some of the highest-rated online sportsbooks can be found at the top of this page.

Why Is Online Sports Gambling So Popular?

Americans love their sports. The United States is home to several of the top professional sports leagues on earth, which is why players and fans from around the world are always flocking to the US. Fans enjoy watching the games, but there is a bit more excitement in the viewing experience when you have an actual monetary stake in the outcome. This is an industry that generates billions and billions of dollars every single year.

Dozens of countries around the world have offered fully legal sports betting for years, which is why it’s a bit surprising that the United States has only recently started to move in that direction. Sports betting will only grow in popularity as more and more states start to legalize it and begin to regulate their own industries in the years to come.

Can I Get Addicted to Sports Betting?

Unfortunately, there is a certain stigma attached to sports betting and other forms of gambling. The thrill of winning can be addicting. For that reason, when the losses start to pile up, some people can get themselves into trouble trying to chase those losses. Gambling addiction is very real, and counties with fully regulated betting industries have tried hard to combat problem gambling.

This is where discipline comes into play. Knowing your limits, managing your bankroll, and refusing to chase your losses are keys to maintaining a successful sports betting career.

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