Best Real Money Online Slots

Real money slot machine games are a staple in any online or land-based casino. They have been around since the very beginning of gambling and have evolved through the years to maintain relevance for all types of bettors. They also offer more variety than any other casino game that you can play for real money.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
Wild Casino
250% Up To $5,000 Visit Site
Bovada Casino
100% Up To $3,000 Visit Site
Las Atlantis
280% Up To $14,000 Visit Site
Super Slots
250% Up To $6,000 Visit Site
BetUS Casino
200% Up To $5,000 Visit Site

This table above lists our top recommended online casino sites that offer real money slots, along with specific attributes that guarantee they will all provide you with a top-notch and unique real money online gambling experience.

Keep reading this page to learn more about real money online casinos with slots, what makes our recommended online slots casinos the best, and an abundance of other information that you will need to be a slots expert!

Online Casino Site With the Best Game Variety – Super Slots

Super Slots Logo

Super Slots is an entire online casino site dedicated to people’s love for slot machines and table games. It should come as no surprise as to why Super Slots has some of the best game variety.

And aside from all of the different real money slot machine games they have available, their games also feature a ton of different paylines and denominations. If you choose Super Slots as your US online casino site, you are guaranteed to find several slot machine games that you love and that fit your real money gambling budget.

Online Casino Site with the Best Deposit Bonus – Las Atlantis

Las Atlantis Logo

The Las Atlantis casino site is by the one with the best deposit bonus. In fact, when it comes to just the deposit bonus, there is not even a close second. Las Atlantis offers a 280% match of deposits up to $14,000!

If you do the math, that means that a $14,000 initial deposit on your end can start you off with a total of $53,200. Just be sure to fully understand the playthrough requirements before signing up.

Online Casino Site With the Best Payouts – BetUS

BetUS Logo

If you’re looking for an online casino site that offers slot machine games with some of the most competitive payouts on the market, then you should consider signing up for BetUS.

BetUS never disappoints with their slot machine payouts, and it’s guaranteed to leave you wanting more after each time you play.

Why These Online Casinos Are the Best for Real Money Slots

Las Atlantis AppIf you were to do a quick Google search, you would notice that there are hundreds of online casino sites out there that offer real money slot machines. And with so many options to choose from, it may leave you wondering what makes our list of top picks the best of the best.

Our team of online gambling experts took the time to thoroughly review several aspects of each online casino site. Combine this with our years of experience in the gambling industry, and you can rest assured knowing that your experience will be top-notch when choosing any of our recommendations.

When taking these casino sites through our review process, we closely examine the following aspects and features:

  • Website Security
  • Real Money Deposit Bonuses
  • Banking Options
  • Gaming Experience
  • Slot Machine Variety
  • Denomination Variety
  • Customer Service

Website Security

For obvious reasons, we would never recommend an online slot machine website that has poor web security and that is going to put your personal and financial information at risk. We deep dive into a site to make sure they are using superior security software and encryption to prevent prying eyes from accessing your sensitive information.

We also check the online casino site’s security history to ensure they have never had a massive data breach that ended up costing their customers. You can sleep easy knowing that our top picks above have great website security that will keep all of your sensitive information safe and secure.

Real Money Deposit Bonuses

If you had already planned on depositing real money to play slot machine games online, then we imagine you would love the idea of having that deposit matched, giving you double the starting budget that you thought you would have. This is why we find the online casino sites with the best real money deposit bonuses.

This type of deposit is typically only available to new players. So, if you have not used one of our recommended sites before, you are still eligible to receive a deposit bonus.

The way a deposit bonus works is simple. The online casino sites offer to match a percentage of your initial deposit up to a certain amount. For example, if an online gambling site offered a 100% deposit match on an initial deposit of up to $250, then you could deposit $250 and start your bankroll with $500. Deposits less than $250 will still be matched at 100%.

See how easy that is? All it takes is for you to choose an online casino site, create an account, link your payment method, then make an initial deposit.

Deposit Bonus Disclaimer

There are a few things you should know about deposit bonuses when it comes to online casino sites. First and foremost, you cannot simply create an account, make the maximum initial deposit to have it matched, then immediately withdraw those funds and close your casino account. This would mean that online casinos were handing out free money, and it is obvious that they would go out of business if this were the case.

Online slot machine sites create what are known as playthrough requirements. These requirements detail the amount of money you need to wager in order to withdraw funds from your account. For example, if you made the $250 initial deposit we mentioned before, and the online casino matches that, giving you $500, they may require you to wager a total of $550 before making a withdrawal.

Online slot machine casinos create what are known as playthrough requirements. These requirements detail the amount of money you need to wager in order to withdraw funds from your account. For example, if you made the $250 initial deposit we mentioned before, and the online casino matches that, giving you $500, they may require you to wager a total of $550 before making a withdrawal.

This does not mean you have to lose all that money to clear the playthrough requirements. It simply means you have to use the money awarded to you for slot machine play, otherwise, you risk losing it after passing the allotted time to clear the bonus.

The allotted time to clear the bonus goes alongside your playthrough requirements. This outlines the amount of time you have to use your bonus money. If you decide not to use it, you risk losing it back to the online casino.

Do not worry, as the allotted time is usually generous and does not rush you to use your real money all at once.

Banking Options

Money PileIn today’s world, there are a ton of different payment methods that you can use in your daily life. Therefore, it only makes sense to look for an online casino gaming site that also accepts a wide variety of different banking options.

Some folks don’t want to input the primary payment method that they use in their daily lives, and this makes total sense. Even though our recommended sites are guaranteed to have great website security, it never hurts to keep your living money separate from your wagering money.

And aside from the standard banking information, credit/debit cards, and online payment platforms like PayPal, we also look for casino sites that accept one of the fastest-growing payment options out there: cryptocurrency.


Cryptocurrency’s relevancy, popularity, and value continue to grow by the day. And the majority of e-commerce websites on the internet now accept at least some form or another of crypto. And with the extra layer of security that cryptocurrency gambling offers, it only makes sense to look for an online casino site that accepts it as a payment method.

We look for slot machine sites that accept some of the most popular forms of cryptocurrency, such as:

  • Bitcoin
  • Litecoin
  • Ethereum
  • XRP

Some online slot sites may even accept more types of cryptocurrencies, while others may only accept a couple.

Gaming Experience

What is the point in playing slot machines for real money if you’re not going to have an amazing experience doing it? After all, playing slots online is meant to be an exciting and potentially lucrative pastime.

And there are several aspects that go into a great gaming experience, including:

  • Smooth, stunning graphics
  • Intriguing winning odds
  • Lucrative jackpot opportunities
  • No delay in game speed

Slot Machine Variety

Nowadays, there are hundreds to thousands of different slot machine games available to real money bettors. And this is evident whenever you walk through a land-based casino and see all the different machines they have available.

Now, when you imagine the number of slot machines in a land-based casino, think about the potential that an online casino has in regards to carrying a wide variety of slot games. As a result, there is no excuse for an online casino site to only carry a select few variations of real money slot games.

Denomination Variety

Similar to possessing a variety of different slot machine games, we take the denomination variety that an online casino site offers into consideration when creating our top-ranking list.

The denomination variety refers to the minimum bet that is required for each spin on a slot machine. With slot machine games, this can range anywhere from $0.01 to $100 or more. No matter what level you are comfortable betting at, we make sure our recommended casino sites have it.

Customer Service

One of the most underrated aspects of any online business is their customer service. After all, when something goes wrong and is out of your capabilities to fix, you want to be able to rely on a team of experts who want to help you fix the situation.

This is why we take an online casino site’s customer service into consideration when compiling our list of top picks. A fast and friendly turnaround time on a reported issue can be the difference between a positive and negative experience with an online casino site, especially when playing games for real money. You can rest assured knowing that all of our recommended picks above are equipped with a customer service team that is ready to assist you with any needs you may have.

How to Choose the Best Online Slots Site for You

With so many great options to choose from, it can be difficult choosing a real money online slots casino to bet on. Luckily, this is a good problem to have, and it’s something we can help you with.

When choosing the best online casino site for you to play slot machine games on, keep these things in mind:

Consider Your Budget

Your real money betting budget should always be at the front of your mind when making the decision on which online casino site to use. The one with the widest selection of slot machine games that match your preferred denomination will provide you with the most betting opportunities.

The most popular slot machine game denominations include:

  • Penny
  • Nickel
  • Dime
  • Quarter
  • Dollar
  • Five Dollars

Look for Good Signup Bonuses

One of the best feelings in the world is being rewarded simply for signing up to an online casino site and making your first real money deposit. And as a new player, you have the ability to shop around and find a signup bonus that most appeals to you.

Always be sure to read the fine print behind your signup bonuses. After all, online casinos do not stay in business by handing out free money and will require you to spend your bonus at their casino. However, we assume that you are signing up for a casino site so that you can play online slots for real money. So, you should have no issue accepting free money to gamble with.

Investigate Estimated Payback Percentages

In general, slot machine games are all within a certain variance of another in terms of the return to player rating, more formally known as the payback percentage. This percentage represents the amount of money a player can expect to earn back from the machine, which always gives a slight advantage to the house.

Although many slot machines have similar payback percentages, you can find some that are on the higher end compared to others. These are the machines that bettors like to place large wagers on and bet on every payline that they can. After all, it only takes one spin to make a huge return off of your original bet.

Explore Their Game Variety

If you have played slots games for real money before, then you may already have a favorite version in mind. If this is the case, then your quest could be as simple as finding the best online casino site that carries that variation of slots.

If you are new to playing online slots for real money, then it is likely you do not have a favorite game already picked out. No worries. This gives you the opportunity to explore your options.

Take the time to explore a casino site’s slot machine game variety and see which ones have the most games that catch your attention.

Why Play Slots Online for Real Money?

Slot MachineWe could go on and on all day about all the reasons you should play slots online for real money, but we know you don’t have that kind of time. So, instead, we will highlight a few of the major reasons, including:

  • 24/7 Endless Play
  • Budget-Friendly Entertainment
  • Winning Real Money

24/7 Endless Play

When it comes to playing slot games online, you have the ability to access your favorite games anywhere and at any time, as long as you are connected to the internet. This means you can keep your hot streaks running for as long as they will burn!

This makes online slot machine games extremely convenient, especially for gamblers with a busy schedule who do not always have the time or desire to travel to a land-based casino and compete for a seat at their favorite slot machine.

Budget-Friendly Entertainment

One of the many reasons why slot machine games are so popular is because they are perfect for budgets of all sizes. So, whether you have $1 or $1,000 to wager, you can find a slot machine game that is exciting and potentially profitable for you.

Winning Real Money

One of the best reasons to play any betting game online for real money is the possibility of making a profit! And with how many different variations of slots games exist among all online casino sites, you have the ability to do some serious shopping around in search of a “return to player” rate that best suits you.

And although slot machines typically give a favorable house edge, it only takes one lucky spin to defy the odds.

Different Types of Online Slot Machine Games

If we were going to try and explain each and every type of online slot machine game that exists, we would likely collapse before even making it a quarter of the way through. With so many different variations and themes of slot machine games, you have to divide them into much broader categories than you would when looking at different blackjack variations.

A good way to categorize the different types of online slot machines is by closely examining these three aspects:

  • The Denomination of the Game
  • The Availability or Type of Jackpot Offered
  • The Number of Reels and Paylines

The Denomination of the Game

Mobile Slot Machine
Categorizing slot machine games by the denomination they accept is a great start to understanding the different types of slot games that are available.

We mentioned denominations briefly in an above section, but to reiterate, slot machines typically run in denominations of 1, 5, 10, or 25 cents until they reach a dollar. Some slot machines even allow you to use $100 or more per spin!

It is important to note that the denomination of a slot machine game will determine how much it costs per spin to unlock more paylines. For example, if you were sitting on a penny slot machine, and wanted to unlock multiple payline, you have to add the denominations together.

So, let’s say that you wanted five active paylines. That spin is now going to cost you five cents and gives you a higher chance of winning. You can even raise the game a bit more and bet extra on certain paylines, which would ultimately add to your cost per spin.

If you decided to activate a total of five paylines with a total wager of five cents, but wanted to wager an extra 10 cents on a specific payline to increase its payout, then your spin will now cost 15 cents. Be mindful when doing this, though, as the slot machine will likely keep your previous bet as the default. If you continue to press the “Spin” button over and over again, it is going to cost you 15 cents each time.

Knowing this allows you to align your budget with a slot machine game that will give you the most bang for your buck.

The Availability or Type of Jackpot Offered

It is not common for a slot machine game to not possess at least some form of jackpot or massive payout. However, the type of jackpot can vary.

Some slot machine games offer a standard version of a jackpot, where only certain matching symbols or paylines will trigger the enormous payout. Traditionally, this used to be three matching sevens in a row.

Now, the jackpot trigger can be a mix of things, and will depend on the game you are playing.

Alternatively, there are what are known as “progressive jackpots.” Progressive jackpots work in a similar way to regular jackpots, only the value of it changes with each spin that the machine takes. Therefore, the longer it goes without hitting a jackpot, the larger the payout becomes.

Progressive slots are a great way for slot machine bettors to push their cold streaks on a machine. Because even though a cold streak means you are going round after round without a single win, it is at least cranking up the total payout of the jackpot for when your machine goes on a hot streak.

The Number of Reels and Paylines

The number of reels and paylines that a slot machine game has is one of the best ways to organize them into different categories.

Let’s start by looking at reels. Traditional and classic slot machine games all used to be programmed with just three reels, meaning you have three columns that spin on every bet. This is still a popular option today and is preferred by those who don’t want their paylines to get too complex.

Another popular option in today’s world of online casino gaming is slot machine games featuring five reels. This is played the same way as three-slot reels but offers a wider variety of matching symbols to try and hit.

Real Money Slots vs. Free Slots Online

Slot Game on iPhoneIf you add up both free and for money slots, there are millions of playing options scattered across the web. But what is the true difference between these two types of way to play slot games?

The first, and most obvious difference between the two is the requirements to play. If you plan on playing slot machine games for real money, you will need to find a dedicated casino site, create an account, link up your payment information, then deposit funds into your bankroll. Most sites featuring real money slots games also offer bonuses for signing up.

For free slots games, however, all you need to do is play. Free slots games are perfect for anyone who is new to them and wants to get a feel for the gameplay and how the paylines work before signing up to wager real money on it. However, you obviously will not be able to win any real money when spinning the wheel for free.

Another major difference between real money online slots and free online slots is the way in which the machines make a business money. Let’s start with real money online slot games.

Real money slots casinos give a slight edge toward the house. Meaning that, on average, a casino will make a little bit of profit per hour of the slot machine being played. Of course, this is not always fully the case, and many lucky bettors out there can walk away from a slot machine game with more money than they started. Therefore, online slots have the potential to be both profitable and not profitable for both online and land-based casinos.

Free slots, however, make their money off of advertising. If you have ever been on a website playing a free slot machine game, you may notice that there are several ads nearby on the page that will change at random intervals. If you happen to click on any of these ads, the website hosting the free slot game will make a commission.

And since slot machine games are so fun, it is no wonder that these sites load their pages with ads to help boost their profits.

It can be assumed that online casino sites offering slot machine games for real money make more profit per day than those offering free versions of games. However, these free versions are terrific for anyone looking to try their hand at slots and get a better understanding of how the machine works online. Free slot machines typically come with their own fake virtual currency as well, which will also help give you betting experience to learn what paylines you like to activate the most.

Some of our picks above feature some of the most popular real money slots games, including:

  • Achilles Slots
  • Ancient Gods Slots
  • Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe Slots

Achilles Slots

Released back in 2006, Achilles Slots is one of the most popular real money slots variations. Winning the game is simple. The Achilles symbol pays the most, paying 10,000x when you land five of them.

Whenever three or more Achilles symbols show up on the reels, you trigger the game’s free spin feature, where you will win 15, 20, or 25 free spins.

  • Bet Size: $0.01 – $1.00
  • RTP: 95%

Ancient Gods Slots

Featuring five reels and up to 25 paylines, Ancient Gods Slots is one of the most popular and in-demand slots games since its creation in 2018. It also features many ways to win in the form of multiple symbols, including:

  • Dragons
  • Golden medallions
  • Dragon snakes
  • Turtles
  • Phoenixes
  • Tigers
  • Colored scale balls

Each symbol has a different payout, with a wild center dragon paying the highest at 2500x the original stake.

  • Bet Size: $0.01 – $25.00

Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Deluxe Slots

Perhaps one of the most entertaining real money slots games that exists, Jackpot Cleopatras’ Gold Deluxe Slots is perfect for anyone who considers themselves a high roller when real money gambling.

Featuring five reels and 25 paylines, this real money slots game features the Cleopatra symbol that is a wild spot that can be used to match any symbol on the board. Winning combinations with Cleopatra are doubled, with the exception of the jackpot.

  • Jackpot: $100,000

Real Money Slots Terms to Know

If you plan on playing real money slots online, then there is some general casino jargon you should know about.

Term Definition
Three-Reel Slot A slot machine with just three spinning wheels. This is considered to be the “classic” layout for a slot machine.
Five-Reel Slot A slot machine with five spinning wheels. Now considered the modern version of slot machines for both land-based and online casinos.
3D Video Slots An advanced slot machine with 3D visual effects and animations.
Action Refers to the total playing time accumulated at a slot machine. Can also be considered as the number of bets placed through a session.
All Ways A type of slot machine that features paylines that run both right-to-left and left-to-right. These are typically only found in online casinos, and are one of the most profitable slot machine games for players.
Autospin A special feature that allows you as the player to set a predetermined number of spins you want to take for a specific bet level. Favorited by many online slot machine players.
Bar One of the common symbols in classic slot machine games. The word “BAR” is printed in white.
Bet The amount of real money you wager on a spin.
Bet Max When you bet the maximum amount allowed by the slot machine game.
Bet Min When you bet the minimum amount allowed by the slot machine game.
Bet One When you bet just one credit or denomination on a slot machine. One of the most popular betting types.
Big Hit Also known as a big win, this refers to the top price that is offered by a particular slot machine game.
Cash Out When you finish playing a slots game and convert your machine credits back into real money. Typically every slot machine game has a “Cash Out” button.
Comps Rewards other than real money that are granted to regular casino players. For land-based casinos, this could be free hotel stays and meals. Online, this could be special promotions.
Denomination The amount you are betting on a slot machine game. Differs from a bet because bets refer to your entire wager. A denomination is in intervals.
Drops A different type of gaming experience where the slot machine replacces spinning wheels with dropping numbers.
Feature Different bonuses offered by a slot game.
Hit Also known as a win.
Hopper A contained only found in land-based slot machines that holds coins that are available during cash out. These are typically only found in classic slot machines anymore.
Jackpot The top prize you can possibly win with a slot machine game.
Lever Before slot machine games had a “Spin” button like they do now, they used levers to spin the wheel.
Payback Percentage Also known as the return to player rate, this number determines roughly how much of your total bets you can expect to win back.
Payline Paylines are the lines you need to match winning symbols on in order to win your bet. Traditionally, paylines were straight across the middle, but modern slot machine games have a variety of paylines you can bet on.
Payout The money you receive after landing a winning combination.
Penny Slots Slot machine games with a minimum denomination set at $0.01.
Progressive Jackpot Progressive jackpots are still the biggest payout possible, but their value changes with each bet placed on the machine. Once it is won, it resets back to the minimum.
Random Number Generator (RNG) The software used by slot machines that determines when a winning combination will come into play.
Rows The horizontal lines that are displayed on the slot machine’s screen. They can be activated by placing a bet on them, increasing your chances of winning.
Sound of Rain An old phrase used in land-based casinos that described the sound of someone winning a jackpot and having all the coins fall into the hopper.
Spin To spin your slot wheels. Also known as a round.
Streaky Slots A nickname given to slot machines that tend to have many unpredictable hot and cold streaks.
Stacked Symbols Stacked symbols refer to two of the same symbol being side by side in different rows. This is common for online slots games and increases your chances of winning.
Tight Slots A nickname for slot machines that are not paying out well. Also known as going cold.
Total bet The total amount of real money you wager on a single spin.
Trail A specific bonus that is featured in certain slot games allowing you to unlock a path of new rewards.
Variance Also known as volatility. Used to describe a slot machine’s expected return to player rating.
Volatility See “Variance” above.
Wager Another word for a bet. The amount of money you place on a spin.
Win When you have a series of matched symbols lined up on a payline.
Zig-Zag A type of payline that zig zags across the screen rather than being straight horizontal. Found in many new modern slot games.

Risk of Real Money Slot Machine Games Online

Slots ReelThere is risk involved in anything you do, and this is no different when it comes to playing slot machine games online. And even though there are some simple steps you can take to reduce these risks, you should always be aware of what they are.

Three of the biggest risks of playing slot machine games online for real money include:

  • Rapid Spending
  • Predatory Casinos
  • Gambling Addiction

Rapid Spending

Watching your gambling budget dry up like a leaf in the desert is likely something that every gambler is familiar with. After all, once you get into the zone of playing games and having fun, it can be easy to lose track of your rate of spending.

And this issue is even worse for those playing slot machine games, as they have an incredibly fast rate of play. Since the only action needed to start a new round is to press the “Spin” button, you can find yourself burning through your budget much faster than anticipated.

Of course, you will have wins that help you along the way, but it never hurts to keep a close eye on how fast you are spending your money overall, especially for higher denomination slots games.

Predatory Casinos

As unfortunate as it is, there are a lot of shady and predatory online casinos out there that rig their games to ensure they will have collected your entire bankroll by the end of your playing time. You can simply avoid this however by selecting one of the online casino sites we recommended above to play slot machine games.

In the event that you do not go with one of our selections, make sure you conduct thorough research on a site before choosing to sign up and play slot games for money. You should also check out our list of blacklisted casino sites that we advise all online bettors to avoid.

Gambling Addiction

Let’s get one thing straight: Just because you choose to play casino games for real money, whether online or in land-based casinos, it does not mean that you will end up with a gambling addiction. In fact, it does not happen as often as how some make it out to seem.

However, gambling addiction is a real thing and has catastrophic negative effects on you, your financial health, and everyone around you. And with the ease of access that online casino games have, some with more addictive personalities need to be mindful of their spending habits.

If you do suspect that you are becoming addicted to gambling, you need to stop immediately and seek professional help.

Real Money Slots FAQ

Can You Win Real Money Playing Online Slot Machine Games?

Yes, you can win real money playing online slot machines similar to all other online casino games. All you need to do is choose your online casino site, create an account, deposit some funds, and start playing!

Do You Have to Play for Real Money When Playing Online Slot Machine Games?

No, there are also free versions of slot machine games that you can find online. However, if you choose to play the free versions, you will not be able to win real money.

Where Can I Find the Best Real Money Slots Websites?

Our list of top picks at the top of the page provides you with all of the best real money slots websites. We take each one through our thorough review process to ensure they will provide you with the safest and most enjoyable online casino experience possible.

If you decide not to go with one of our top picks above, just be sure to do careful research on any site you are considering signing up for.

Do I Need Special Equipment or Software to Play Slot Machines Online for Real Money?

No special equipment or software is needed in order to play slots online for real money. In fact, most of your standard laptops and smartphones should be able to smoothly run a slot machine game. Just make sure you have a reliable and strong connection to the internet.

Are Online Slot Machine Games Rigged?

No, online slot machine games are not rigged. Results are determined using Random Number Generator (RNG) software that randomly chooses an outcome. However, some predatory casino sites may have rigged games, so make sure you do your research before playing slots online for real money.

What Is the Difference Between Playing Slot Machine Games Online vs. in a Land-Based Casino?

The biggest difference between playing slot machine games online as opposed to in a land-based casino is where you play. Online casinos also tend to have a bigger selection of real money slot machine games.

What Advantages Does Playing Slot Machine Games Online Offer?

Some of the biggest advantages to playing real money slots games online include the convenience of playing anywhere at any time, the ability to choose from a wide variety of slot machines, and the elimination of having to compete for a seat at your favorite slots machine game.

Can You Wager Low Amounts on Real Money Slots Online?

Yes, slot machines are famous for their ability to fit any gambler’s budget. In fact, there are slot machine games with a denomination as low as $0.01.

Are There Jackpots in Real Money Slots Online?

Yes, there are many different jackpots through all of the slot games that pay real money that exist in online casinos. In fact, this is one of the biggest appeals of slot games for online bettors.

Can I Play Real Money Slot Games From My iPhone?

Yes, you can play real money slot games from your iPhone and other Apple devices. Some online casinos even offer their games in the form of an app that is compatible with IOS.

Can I Play Real Money Slot Machines From My Android Device?

Yes, you can play online slots games for real money using your Android device, as long as you have a connection to the internet. In fact, certain online casinos even provide their services through an app that is compatible with Android devices.