Best Political Betting Sites of 2024

In recent years, political betting has become wildly popular! The public began to take an interest in this type of wagering after Donald Trump secured a completely unexpected victory to win the 2016 US presidential election.

Betting on politics has never been more exciting or more thrilling. This is the greatest time to be alive when it comes to political betting and wagering! And we know just the right sportsbooks that can offer you a phenomenal experience as you bet on politic matters and events. Check out the table below of our favorite political betting sites that accept bets from US customers and pay real money.

Rank Gambling Site Deposit Bonus Get Started
BetOnline Sports
60% Up To $1,000 Visit Site
Bovada Sports
50% Up To $250 Visit Site
125% Up To $2,500 Visit Site
100% Up To $500 Visit Site
100% Up To $1,000 Visit Site

Since that time, avid bettors and punters have seen the potential that lies in political betting, a world where it now seems that anything could happen! And this means taking advantage of previously untapped potential to get some extra coin or even a one-in-a-million payday.

If your a pro, or just learning how to bet on politics, these are the real money sportsbooks that will deliver competitive lines and odds on all things in the political realm as well as outstanding real money bonuses, professional customer service, and diverse mobile compatibility! Sign up today by clicking on one of the “Get Started” links above. The process only takes about 10 minutes of your time!

The bullet points below represent each section of this comprehensive review. If you desire to skip ahead to a certain section or are looking to skim the review to glean only the necessary points, the navigational links below will allow you to cruise around quickly and efficiently!

What Makes These the Best Political Betting Sites?

US Political Betting on iPhoneThat is a great question. There is a certain set of criteria that our research team used to determine which sites on the market where the best for political betting. This is how we were able to develop the list of political gambling sites that is featured in this review. Here are the biggest factors and aspects that we took into consideration!

Legitimate and Legal

Each betting site we promote has a valid license from a legitimate gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction. US players can legally use these sites as well! Their political bets and wagers will be accepted by the sportsbook making the political betting scene completely valid, legal, and legitimate.

Any one of our favorite online sportsbooks is on the up and up when it comes to legality and being complete legitimate. Use a name you can trust. Sign up today!

Safety Software and Security Protocols

This is another factor that falls in the spectrum of reputability and credibility but is somewhat different. While each site is legal and legitimately licensed, there is also the safety factor. Each site on our recommendation list using encryption technology and safety software that guard all personal and financial information that customers share with the site. There are also safety protocols in place to vet new member sign-ups.

When it comes to safety, any one of our sites will do, but we will recommend Bovada because they have been in operations for over 20 years. They have refined their safety precautions and procedure down to a fine art. Sign up now!

Betting Coverage

This might be the most important criteria. Each site we promote in this review carries a large variety of betting lines and odds that cover a wealth of political betting scenarios and events. Rarely will bettors be short of irons in the fire when they use our favorite sites!

BetUS is a great choice when it comes to betting options. Create a new account today in just a few minutes.

Competitive Bonuses and Promotions

Bonus Money

Each political betting site on our list payouts out real money and offers real money bonuses and promotions that customers can use to bulk their bankroll. These include generous welcome bonuses, deposit matches, account reload bonuses, and many others. is a good choice when it comes to a great initial signup bonus and a variety of other promotions and offers for regular customers. Sign up now and experience some awesome choices when it comes to real money bonuses!

Flexible Banking

Each political betting sportsbook we promote gives it customers several options for deposit funds and for collecting their payouts. Credit cards and cryptocurrencies are by the far the most popular methods, but there are also some great ancillary options like money orders, Person 2 Person, bank wires, Book to Book, eCheck, and many others. In many cases, there are no fees associated with depositing funds or collecting payouts!

We must tip our hats to for the generous options they provide their customers in terms of banking methods! Check them today to take advantage of this variety.

Fast Payouts

No one likes slow payouts! Our favorite political betting sites certainly do not! Each site on our list gives customers options for fast payouts (typically with using cryptocurrencies) that can arrive in as little as 24 to 48 hours!

XBet is a political betting site that is quick on the draw when it comes to paying out their customers. Create an account with these guys and enjoy collecting your winnings with speed!

Customer Service and Support

Customer Service Rep IconHelpful and professional customer service is a must! Each site prides itself in handling problems and issues quickly and doing so with the highest level of cordiality and professionalism. Customer support centers can be reached 24/7 via live chat, toll-free phone, and email or a generic contact form!

We must commend Bovada, yet again, for their excellence, but this time when it comes to service and support. You do not make it 20+ years in the online sports betting market without knowing something about how to treat your customers. Sign up now at a sportsbook whose name you can trust!

Mobile Compatibility and Connectivity

Each gambling site with political betting odds in this review gives its customers the enjoyment of on-the-go gaming by being compatible with various mobile devices. Customers can now use their mobile device’s browser to visit the site, or they can download a sportsbook app to straight to their device. Compatible devices include iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, and iPad!

Check out on this one, they offer a great mobile experience with an attractive user interface and great handling and navigation. Sign up today in just minutes!

Types of Political Bets

There are several ways that you can place political bets at our favorite online sportsbooks! It goes far beyond just correctly predicting the winner of an election. Here are a few of the different types of bets you can expect from our favorite political betting sites.


As the name of this type of bet suggests, these are wagers that can be placed on future events. For instance, a bettor could place a wager on who will be the next president or who will be a new US Supreme Court appointee. Another example could be placing a bet on the results of congressional races or House of Representative/Senate runoffs. The interesting thing about these bets is that the span of time in which you can place the wager can vary wildly. Some can be placed a year or two in advance or maybe only a week or a few days out from the event.

Futures Bet Example at
  • 2024 US Presidential Election
  • Wager cut off: 2024 2nd November 12:00 PM
Joe Biden +350 Kamala Harris +400 Donald Trump +700
Ron DeSantis +1000 Nikki Haley +1200 Mike Pence +1600
AOC +1600 Tucker Carlson +2500 Ivanka Trump +2500
Ted Cruz +3000 Dwayne Johnson +3000 Michelle Obama +3000
Mike Pompeo +4000 Pete Buttigieg +4000 Cory Booker +4000
Kristi Noem +5000 Elizabeth Warren +5000 Candace Owens +5000
Josh Hawley +5000 Tom Cotton +5000 Marco Rubio +5000
Dan Crenshaw +5000 Stacy Abrams +5000 Rand Paul +5000
Amy Klobuchar +5000 Donald Trump Jr. +5000 Tulsi Gabbard +6000
Andrew Yang +6000 Paul Ryan +10000 Bernie Sanders +10000
Hillary Clinton +10000 Gavin Newsome +10000 Mitt Romney +10000

Political Prop Bets

Prop bets are based around occurrences and nonoccurrences in the realm of politics. This means that prop bet creators have unlimited possibilities on their hands for creating a variety of wagering scenarios. An example of a political props bet could be something like “Joe Biden will say ‘Here’s the deal,’ or ‘Come on, man,’ at least once in his next national address.” Bettors could also place wagers that he will not say these things as well! The possibilities of props bets are truly endless.

Political Props Bet Example at
  • Political Special Props – Next World Leader to Get Slapped
Boris Johnson +700 Alexander Lukashenko +800 Abdel Fattah el-Sisi +1000
Joe Biden +1000 Justin Trudeau +1000 Nicolas Maduro +1000
Rodrigo Duterte +1000 Viktor Orban +1000 A.M. Lopez Obrador +1200
Mario Draghi +1200 Mark Rutte +1200 Scott Morrison +1400
Naftali Bennett +2000 Jacinda Ardern +3300 Shinzo Abe +3300
Angela Merkel +5000 Vladimir Putin +5000 Kim Jong Un +6600

Political Parties Betting

Because of the two-party system we have here in the United States, it comes as no surprise that placing bets and wagers on action that is occurring within the Republican Party and the Democratic Party is extremely popular!

Look at some of the betting odds featured at Bovada for each party’s nominee for the 2024 US Presidential Election.   

Political Parties Bet Example at Bovada
Betting Odds for the 2024 Presidential Election – Republican Nominees Betting Odds for the 2024 Presidential Election – Democratic Nominees
  • Donald Trump +250
  • Ron DeSantis +250
  • Nikki Haley +700
  • Mike Pompeo +1200
  • Kristi Noem +1400
  • Mike Pence +1400
  • Ted Cruz +1600
  • Donald Trump Jr. +2000
  • Josh Hawley +2000
  • Joe Biden +120
  • Kamala Harris +140
  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez +2000
  • Elizabeth Warren +2000
  • Michelle Obama +2000
  • Pete Buttigieg +2000
  • Amy Klobuchar +2500
  • Bernie Sanders +5000
  • Corey Booker +5000
  • Hillary Clinton +5000

Check out these extra resources on betting by party. Are you excited to begin placing some bets on politics? Here are the perfect sites to begin the fun! These websites accept bets from US players and do real money deposits and payouts!

Our Favorite Site for Political Betting –

MyBookie Political Betting Banner
There is a reason we have it first on our list of best political betting sportsbooks. MyBookie is our site of choice for the best in real money political betting. We love everything about this sportsbook from the attractive user interface and large variety of political betting odds to their competitive real money bonuses and great customer service and support channels.

Take a glimpse at everything that makes MyBookie such a desirable site for real money political betting!

The Best Online Sportsbook for Political Betting

Here are some of basics when it comes to This is information that is just good to know in general.

Key Information on
Site URL
Welcome Bonus 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
US Players? Yes
Year Founded 2014
Licensure Curacao
Banking Options Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, etc.
Depositing Limits $25 Minimum – $10,000 Maximum
Currencies USD and Crypto
Fastest Payout 24 hours
Mobile Devices   iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows, and iPad

When you need assistance, have a question, or need an issue resolved, you can count on They have a helpful customer service center that provides 24/7 assistance!

Customer Service
Toll-Free Phone 844-866-BETS
Email Address [email protected]
Live Chat Yes
FAQs Section Yes (available at the Help Center)

Comprehensive Political Betting Opportunities

So, what exactly does the “best online sportsbook for political betting” offer anyway? We are so glad you asked and are excited to show you!

When you visit, you will find a “US Politics” section under the “Sports” side of the site. This section is further divided into three subsections, including International Politics, US Presidential Election Odds, and Midterm Elections.

As of mid 2024, here are the betting lines offered in each subsection of US Politics at
Political Betting Page on MyBookie

International Politics

  • Next World Leader to Be Slapped
  • 2022 French Presidential Election
  • Keir Starmer to Be Labour Leader at Next Election?
  • German Chancellor Election: Next Chancellor
  • K. Politics: Year of Keir Starmer Exit
  • Next Australian Federal Election
  • Royal Family: UK to Hold Referendum on Monarchy
  • K. Politics: Next Conservative Party Leader
  • Boris Johnson Conservative Leader at Election
  • K. Politics: Next Labour Party Leader
  • Royal Family: Prince Andrew to be Indicted
  • Royal Family: Prince Charles to Become King in 2025
  • K. Politics: Next UK General Election
  • UK Overall Majority at Next General Election
  • Any Country to Leave the EU by 2025
  • Next Country to Leave the EU?

US Presidential Election Odds

  • 2024 US Presidential Election
  • Will Donald Trump Be Elected US President in 2024?

Midterm Elections

  • US Senate Elections – Florida
  • 2022 Senate General Elections
  • 2022 Gubernatorial General Election
  • Liz Cheney to be Re-Elected to House Seat in 2024
  • Liz Cheney to Run for President in 2024

Sign up today at the site that so many use for their political betting. Create a new account in less than 10 minutes. It’s that easy!

The Top Three Political Betting Sites

We will go one step further and introduce to you our #2 and #3 favorite sportsbooks for political betting for real money! We feel that because these two sites share so many similar features with they are an easy pick for second and third place. See what makes these two betting sites excel past the others!

Website BetUS MyBookie BetOnline
Year Started 1994 2014 2001
Welcome Offer 100% Welcome Bonus up to $2,500 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000 50% Welcome Bonus up to $1,000
 Rollover 10x 10x 10x
US Players? Yes Yes Yes
 Cryptocurrency? Yes Yes Yes
 Live Betting? Yes Yes Yes
Online Casino? Yes Yes Yes
Phone Support?  Yes Yes Yes
Live Chat? No Yes No

Do you like what you see? Create a new account at one of our favorite political betting sites in just a few minutes!

Political Betting Site Bonuses

Bonus Star BlackWhen it comes to the best political betting sites for real money, they do not skimp on the bonuses or promotional offers whatsoever!

In terms of bonus quality and variety, these sites offer some of the best deals in the market. Period. Here are some of the great deals you will find at each of our best political betting sportsbooks!

  • Double Your First Deposit
  • 10% Cash Bonus up to $200
  • 150% Casino Bonus up to $750
  • 25% Sports Reload up to $500
  • 8% Horse Rebate
  • 250% Referral Bonus
  • Weekday Reload Bonus
  • Rebate Special Monday
  • Free Spin Wednesday
  • Raffle Thursday
  • Pick ‘Em Bonus Friday
  • Casino Bonus Weekend


  • First Deposit Sports Bonus up to $500
  • First Deposit Casino Bonus up to $500
  • 7% Horse Rebate
  • Sports Reload Bonus up to $250
  • Casino Reload Bonus up to $500
  • Casino Weekend Reload Bonus up to $1,000


  • Bitcoin Welcome Bonus
  • $750 Bitcoin Sports Bonus
  • $3,750 Bitcoin Casino Bonus
  • Refer a Friend
  • $250 Sports Welcome Bonus
  • $3,000 Casino Welcome Bonus
  • 100% Poker Welcome Bonus
  • Rewards Program


  • 200% Crypto Bonus
  • 20% Cash Bonus
  • 250% Welcome Bonus up to $5,000
  • 100% Crypto Sports Bonus up to $2,500
  • 125% Sign-Up Bonus
  • 150% Casino Bonus up to $3,000
  • 10% Cash Bonus + 20% Casino Bonus
  • 200% Crypto Bonus
  • 100% Sports Bonus up to $2,500
  • 100% Crypto Bonus on Next Two Deposits
  • 20% Cash Bonus on All Crypto Deposits
  • 100% Casino Bonus up to $1,000
  • 10% Cash Bonus + 20% Casino Bonus
  • 50% Re-Up Bonus
  • 100% Referral Bonus

  • 50% Early Bird Reload Bonus
  • 5% Bitcoin Boost
  • 100% First Time Crypto Bonus
  • 35% Crypto Reload Bonus
  • 50% Welcome Bonus
  • 25% Sports Reload Bonus
  • 100% Poker Welcome Bonus
  • $3,000 Casino Bonus
  • Refer a Friend: 300% up to $300
  • $25 Risk-Free Player Props Wager
  • Live Betting $25 Free Play
  • Mobile Betting $50 Free Play
  • 20% Weekly Esports Rebate

Banking Methods

Bank IconOur favorite real money political sportsbooks not only offer a ton of action in the way of futures and prop bets, but they also give their customers the ultimate flexibility in the realm of deposits and payouts. Banking has never been more convenient or provided the customer with so much wiggle room.

Check out all the top-rated banking methods that each of our favorite online sportsbooks offer to their customers!


If you love betting politics and using cryptocurrencies, this is the site for you! has several great ways to make deposit using Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others as well as 24 hour payouts with Bitcoin exclusively! If this is right up your alley, you should sign up today! Depositing Methods
Banking Method Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
Mastercard $45 $2,500
Visa $45 $2,500
Bitcoin $20 No Limit
Bitcoin Cash $20 No Limit
Ethereum $20 No Limit
Litecoin $20 No Limit
Ripple $20 No Limit
ACH $100 $5,000
Bank Wire $2,000 No Limit
eCheck $100 $2,500
Person to Person $100 $500 Payout Methods
Banking Method Availability Payout Limits
Bitcoin 24 hours $50 – $10,000
ACH 3 – 5 business days $500 – $10,000
Bank Wire 5 – 10 business days $500 – $50,000
eCheck 5 – 10 business days $50 – $2,500


This is another great site when it comes to banking. If you are looking for some diverse banking methods with flexible minimum limits, create a new account at XBet!

There is not a ton of information online that details XBet’s payouts and their minimum and maximum limits. We can tell you that the official payout methods at this political gambling site are wire transfer, MoneyGram, and Bitcoin.

XBet Depositing Methods
Banking Methods Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
Visa $45 $1,000
Mastercard $45 $1,000
ACH $100 No Max
Bank Wire Transaction $2,000 No Max
Person 2 Person $100 $690
Bitcoin $25 $10,000
Phone Transfer $45 $1,000


Like, Bovada is a political betting sportsbook that is strong when it comes to wide variety of depositing and payout methods. There is an abundance of methods for using crypto, making this the perfect site for those who have an affinity for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the like.

Bovada Depositing Methods
Banking Method Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
Mastercard $45 $2,500
Visa $45 $2,500
Bitcoin $20 No Limit
Bitcoin Cash $20 No Limit
Ethereum $20 No Limit
Litecoin $20 No Limit
Ripple $20 No Limit
ACH $100 $5,000
Bank Wire $2,000 No Limit
eCheck $100 $2,500
Person to Person $100 $500 Payout Methods
Banking Method Availability Payout Limits
Bitcoin 24 hours $50 – $10,000
ACH 3 – 5 business days $500 – $10,000
Bank Wire 5 – 10 business days $500 – $50,000
eCheck 5 – 10 business days $50 – $2,500


When you do your political betting at BetUS, you can be guaranteed no fees whatsoever when it come to your deposits and payouts! Why not sign up today at BetUS and cut down on the extra costs?

BetUS Depositing Methods
Banking Method Availability Deposit Limits
American Express Instant $10 – $2,499
Mastercard Instant $10 – $2,499
Visa Instant $10 – $2,499
Bitcoin Instant $10 – $50,000
Bitcoin Cash Instant $10 – $50,000
Ethereum Instant $10 – $50,000
Litecoin Instant $10 – $50,000
BetUS Payout Methods
Banking Method Availability Payout Limits
Bitcoin 1 – 2 hours $50 – $5,000
Bitcoin Cash 1 – 2 hours $50 – $5,000
Ethereum 1 – 2 hours $50 – $5,000
Litecoin 1 – 2 hours $50 – $5,000
Electronic Options 24 – 48 hours $50 – $3,000
Cash Payout 3 – 5 days $50 – $3,000


BetOnline offers some great banking options with a focus on the more obscure methods of deposit and payout. This means that it offers the most diverse set of avenues for banking with flexibility. Join BetOnline today for all your political betting needs! Depositing Methods
Banking Method Deposit Minimum Deposit Maximum
American Express $100 $2,000
Discover $100 $2,000
Mastercard $100 $2,000
Visa $100 $2,000
Bitcoin $20 $3,500
Bank Wire $1,000 No Max
Book to Book $500 No Max
Check $1,500 $24,900
Money Orders $300 $9,000
Person 2 Person $100 $2,500
Skrill/Neteller $10 No Max Payout Methods
Banking Method Payout Minimum Payout Maximum
Bitcoin $20 $3,500
Bank Wire $500 $24,900
Book to Book $500 $24,900
Check by Mail or Courier $500 $2,500
Person 2 Person $50 $600
Skrill/Neteller $25 $9,000

If you want to capitalize on the flexible and varied banking found at our favorite political betting sportsbooks, sign up for a new account today! The setup process is simple and quick.

24/7 Customer Service

24/7 Customer SupportEach political betting sportsbook we include in this review comes fully equipped with several customer service methods! This includes everything from a toll-free phone number and email address to a comprehensive live chat feature and an FAQ section at each site’s help center. Customers who are avid political bettors will be met with professionalism and helpful support!


Contact Method Details
Toll-Free Phone Number 844-866-BETS (2387)
Wagering Phone Number 844-877-BETS (2387)
24/7 Live Chat Yes
Contact Form Yes
FAQs Section Yes


Contact Method Details
Toll-Free Phone Number 855-219-5809
24/7 Live Chat Yes
Contact Form Yes
FAQs Section Yes


Contact Method Details
Toll Free Phone Number (888) 263-0000
Email Address [email protected]
24/7 Live Chat Yes
Contact Form Yes
FAQs Section Yes


Contact Method Details
Account Management Phone Number 1-888-51-BETUS (23887)
Casino Phone Number 1-800-346-1697
New Accounts Phone Number Yes
Email [email protected]
Contact From Yes
24/7 Live Chat Yes
FAQs Section Yes

Mobile Political Betting

Different PhonesEnjoy an on-the-go political betting experience when you use any of the sportsbooks we promote in this review. These are places where real money can be won and places that can be enjoyed from the comfort and convenience of a bevy of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, and Windows.

There are also several ways to wager at betting sites on mobile. Check it out!

Visit the Sportsbook In-Browser

This is the method we recommend you use when you are betting on politics. You simply use your web browser to visit the site. The only downside is that you are heavily reliant on reliable internet connection for access. The pros far outweigh the cons, however. There is no need for downloads of any kind that would slow down your device and take up storage space. Bettors can also keep up on any changes at the sportsbook using their browser.

Mobile Sportsbook Apps

There are some political betting sportsbooks that bettors can use by downloading an app. Although the sites we promote, by and large, do not have an app, this is just another way that bettors can use sportsbooks for political betting on their mobile devices.

Here are some of the most popular sportsbook betting apps found at Google Play and iTunes.

Google Play Sportsbook Apps

  1. GambetDC Sportsbook by Intralot Inc.
  2. WynnBET: Colorado Sportsbook by Wynn Sports Interactive, LLC
  3. PointsBet Sports Betting by PointsBet
  4. Barstool Sportsbook and Casino by Penn Sports Interactive LLC
  5. theScore Bet: Sports Betting by Score Media Ventures Inc.

iTunes Sportsbook Apps

  1. Caesar’s Sportsbook by Computerized Bookmaking Systems Inc.
  2. FOXBet Sportsbook and Casino by Stars Mobile Limited
  3. Action Network Sports Betting by The Action Network Inc.
  4. Twin Spires Casino and Sports by Churchill Downs Interactive Gaming LLC
  5. BetMGM Sportsbook by ROAR Digital LLC

Add a Sportsbook to Your Home Screen

BetOnline App

Another way to enjoy a sportsbook on your mobile device is by downloading the website to your home screen. The kicker here is that it does not function as an app, and it can only be done by using an iOS device and a Safari browser. If this applies to you, here is how you get it done!

  1. Visit the sportsbook you want to save to your iPhone’s home screen in Safari.
  2. To begin the process, click on the “Share” button. This will appear like a download button, a square with an arrow that points through the top.
  3. Once you have clicked on the “Share” button, you will see some options pop up. The next button to click on in this menu is “Add to home screen.”
  4. The next step is to create a shortcut name that will appear on the home screen of your iPhone. Add the name and hit the “Add” button.
  5. The process is complete! When you need to visit your favorite sportsbook, click on the new icon on your home screen or use the shortcut name to get there. The sportsbook will open in its own window, separated and not interfering with anything you have open already in Safari.

Mobile Devices for Real Money Sportsbooks

Our favorite political betting sportsbooks are compatible with numerous devices, primarily iOS, and Android. If you are looking for additional reading and other resources geared toward these devices and their compatible sportsbook sites, check out the links below. You will find some much more in-depth information of the topic!

Our favorite political betting sportsbooks can also be used on other devices including iPad, Blackberry, and Windows.

Betting Tips and Strategies

Republican and Democratic LogosAre you looking to get an edge on your political betting? Aside from using a reputable, top-rated political sportsbook, there are several helpful tips and tricks to improving your odds of winning. These are not mind-blowing strategies but are common-sense, logical steps to making well-informed betting decisions on politics.

Read and Research on Both Side of the Aisle

One of the top ways to succeed when betting on politics is to do thorough research. This means look at left-leaning sources and right-leaning sources, respectively. The information you get from sources like CNN and the New York Times will, at times, be drastically different from information presented by Fox News or the New York Post. This is due to bias and different opinions on either sides of the political aisle. Be sure to conduct your research using a variety of sources that include all sorts of viewpoints, voices, and perspectives. This will help you to develop the clearest big picture of the entire issue.

Use Poll Information Discerningly

If you look at history, political polling can be skewed depending on the source. Polls should capture the most accurate depiction of a situation or issue, but that is not always the case. People from both side have been known to create biased or slanted polls in order to propagate a narrative. One of the best thing you could do is be ultra-discerning when looking at poll information. Draw as much good material as you can but also look at who conducted the poll and who was interviewed or sampled.

Be Aware of Slanted Coverage

Like we mentioned earlier, be discerning of what is fact and what is clear bias. Be sure to not lean heavily on sources that skew one way or the other. If you get caught up in coverage or polling that is using deception to forward a narrative or using strong bias to send a message to the public, there is a good chance things might not pan out the way they are presented. The news is wrong about things a lot of time! Be wary of coverage that is slanted too far either way.

Set Up a Budget

This is one of the best strategies you could employ when betting on politics for real money. Set aside a certain amount of money in which to do your betting. When you put a cap on the amount you bet, it gets you comfortable with the idea of the possibility of losing it should the worst-case scenario unfold. It also minimizes your loss potential and allows you to more easily move away from a loss as there is nothing unexpected. Set a budget for your politic betting sessions and stick to it!

Here are some additional resources related to political betting strategies you might find interesting!

Political Betting in 2024
5 Tips for Betting on Politics and Reality TV
Breaking Down the Best Political Bets for 2024

Blacklisted Sportsbooks

Be aware of these shady characters and bad actors in the online sportsbook market! These are outfits and businesses that have had issues in the past with unsavory business practices and questionable ethics in the dealings with customers. These political betting sites have been known for issues and problems with payment processing, false advertising, rigged games, pirates software, and operating with no license!

Here are a few of the online sportsbooks you will want to avoid!

For more information on which sites to avoid, check out our blacklisted sites page.

Bummer. There are a lot of sites out there that you cannot trust! However, we have the perfect solution: a set of five amazing sites you can trust that have been 100% vetted and researched! Join one today in just minutes!

Sign Up Process

BetOnline Sign Up Page

Are you ready to join one of our top-rated political betting sites to win some real money? The process to getting a new account set up is not difficult by any means and will only take up five to ten minutes of your time! That is not much considering all the real money you could potentially win by betting on politics.

Follow our step-by-step guide below and be signed up at one of our favorite sportsbooks in minutes!

  1. Use any of the recommended online betting sites at the top of this page to get to the site’s signup page.
  2. Create a username and a password for your new account. Follow the prompts accordingly.
  3. You will be asked to supply some extra information like your name, date of birth, and address. Be sure to completely and correctly fill out all the applicable fields. Hit the “Submit” button when you are finished.
  4. Your information will be sent for review and approval. When this is completed, you will be sent a confirmation email. Once this is received, you can use your username and password to log into your new sportsbook account.
  5. Log into your account and get your bankroll set up under the ‘banking’ section. When you are ready to bet on politics, head over to the political betting lines under the ‘sports’ section. Find the lines and odds you like, add them to your betting slip, and hit ‘submit’.

Politics Betting Sites FAQ

Check out some addition questions and answers covering a ton of political betting and political sportsbook topics. These are some of the most popular questions we have seen from customers and readers online.

How Can I Find Where to Bet on Politics Online Legally?

No need to worry, you can legally bet on politics online. Each of the sites we promote in this review are fully licensed by a legitimate gambling authority in a reputable jurisdiction. Each site can legally accept bets and wagers from US customers meaning that betting on politics online is perfect legally when using our promoted sites!

Are These Political Betting Sites Safe?

Our political betting sites are as safe as they come! In order to maintain their licensure, each site must comply with using special encryption software that protects all personal and financial information that is shared at the site by customers. There are also special safety protocols in place for new players that are in the process of creating an account. These include Know Your Customer and Personal Identifiable Information, and they serve to vet those who want to use the site.

Can I Make Real Money Betting on Politics?

You can make real money betting on politics at our favorite featured betting sites! There is a reason we call them real money political betting sites. When customers place wagers on political bets, they are not doing so for free! Real money is put on the line and risked, and real money is the reward or loss depending on the results of the wager.

How Do I Place a Political Bet?

Political betting functions much in the same ways as placing a sports bet. Head over to one of our top-rated sportsbooks and locate the political betting section where you will find all the betting lines and odds available concerning the topic. Find a bet or wager that strikes your fancy and add it to your bet slip. Select the amount of money you want to wager, then place your bet. It is as simple as that!

What Are Some Political Betting Deposit Options?

There are various ways to make deposits at our favorite political betting sites, but it will depend on which site is being used. For the most part, all sites we recommend will allow customers to make deposits using credit cards (American Express, Discover, Mastercard, and Visa) and cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc.). Beyond these two mainstays, the deposit methods can differ wildly from site to site but will typically include things like bank wire transfers, money orders, e-wallets, Person to Person, bank checks, and others.

What Is the Best Site to Use to Bet on Politics?

We love each of the sites we recommend in this review but a few that stand out amongst the others are MyBookie and BetUS. MyBookie is a newer addition to the online sportsbook world and feature a modern, sleek design that allows for a user-friendly experience and some of the most up-to-date and diligently research odds and betting lines. BetUS has been around for a couple decades now and does not shy away from variety, be it sports odds or game variety at their casino. They know exactly the choices their customer are looking for and have a great grasp on their customer base and their needs.

How Soon Can I Collect My Payout?

This depends on the banking methods you end up using. Customers have the best luck with fast payouts when they use cryptocurrencies which typically only take 24 to 48 hours to process and post!

What Is a Political Prop Bet?

Props bets are essentially all other bets outside of betting on the straight up winner of any election. An example of a political prop bet would be something like which candidate will win the popular vote or win a certain state.

Can I Place Bets on the Presidential Election?

You most certainly can bet on elections. This is one of the most popular bets in place on political betting sites and you would be hard-pressed to find a site that did not include this in their betting lines! We have plenty of recommendations that specialize as election betting sites, so no matter what you are looking for, we’ve got you covered.

Why Should I Bet on Politics?

This is one of the most unpredictable betting markets which means there is potential to earn some massive payouts based on better odds offered by the oddsmakers. These are also bets that can be made weeks, months, or years in advance. This gives the bettor ample time to follow the news surrounding the political event at hand and, if things change or evolve drastically, the bettor can hedge their bets if needed.

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