Casino Destinations Around the World


There are many people who take their gambling very seriously and view it as a way of making money. There are many more who view gambling purely as a form of entertainment and these are generally the people that enjoy playing casino games. It’s not possible to beat the house edge that exists in every casino game, unless you know how to count cards, so it ultimately has to be about the fun.

The chance to win money is a big part of the fun, of course, but it’s also about the overall experience. A trip to a casino can be a fabulous experience and one that can be enjoyed by anyone (providing they’re old enough). Almost every casino in the world will attract people from all walks of life and most of those people enjoy their visits even when they lose money. That’s why casino games are such a popular form of gambling.

Anyone can have a good time in pretty much any casino they choose to visit, but there are certain places that offer an experience that simply cannot be matched by most venues. Below are some details of the best casino destinations around the world; these are all places you should try to visit if given the opportunity. Those who enjoy gambling will absolutely love these selections and even those who don’t care to gamble will find many other exciting things to do and see.

We start with what we consider to be the leading casino resorts at this point in time: Las Vegas, Atlantic City, and Macau. We’ve compiled complete guides to visiting each one of these locations, featuring information and advice that should ensure you have a great trip. We’ve also covered a range of other popular casino destinations such as Europe, Australia, and the Caribbean and have provided some general tips for taking casino vacations as well.

The Top Casino Resorts

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is widely regarded as THE premier gambling destination. Located in the Mojave Desert in Nevada, United States, it’s famous around the world. The main focal point of the city is the Strip, which is just over 4 miles long. It’s lined with some of the biggest and most elaborate casinos and hotels you could possibly imagine and you can gamble at most of these 24 hours a day. There are endless options for other forms of entertainment too. Our complete guide to Las Vegas features everything that anyone could want to know about this renowned gambling destination. We’ll help you plan your first trip, tell you where you should be staying and playing, and generally just make sure that you have a wonderful time if you ever plan a visit.

Atlantic City

Also in the United States, Atlantic City is often overlooked in favor of Las Vegas. It’s fair to say that it’s not on the same scale as Vegas and it has struggled in recent years to attract the same level of visitors as it used too, but it’s still an excellent place to visit. Located in the state of New Jersey, the whole city is built around the gambling industry. Most people go there to gamble but there are also other sights and attractions worth seeing. Our collection of articles on Atlantic City is a must read for anyone planning a trip there. Written by a regular visitor, these articles provide the benefit of extended local knowledge. They cover the best times to visit, the best places to stay, and much more.


Macau is a very wealthy region in China, just across the Pearl River Delta from Hong Kong. Its strong economy is based partly on the tourism industry and most of the tourists come here for the gambling. Macau is known as the “Las Vegas of Asia” due to its similarities with the Nevada resort, but it’s also smaller in terms of the number of casinos and hotels. It attracts a lot of high rollers, which is one reason why it actually has higher gambling revenues than Vegas. You don’t have to be a high roller to visit though, and it’s a location that any casino enthusiast is sure to enjoy. There are many differences between Macau and most Western casino resorts, which add to the overall experience. The following articles are essential to read if you want to make the most out of a visit.

Other Leading Casino Destinations



There are dozens of first class casinos in Europe: so many that it would be a challenge to fit them all into a single trip, unless it was a very long one. Nevertheless you could certainly make it to a few of them including Monte Carlo, in Monaco, which is one of the most glamorous gambling destinations of them all. Paris and London both have some wonderful casinos too including the world famous Ritz Casino in London. These are just a few of the cities across Europe that have venues worth visiting.



Gambling is perhaps not one of the first reasons people think of for visiting Australia, but that’s really just a reflection of everything else that this country has to offer. Amazing beaches, a wonderful climate, and attractions such as Ayers Rock and the Great Barrier Reef are just a few of the many good reasons to take a trip Down Under. There are many more as well and their casinos are definitely somewhere on that list, as there are over 400 of them: some of which have spectacular venues.

The Caribbean

The Caribbean

The Caribbean is another destination that offers plenty of reasons to visit and is certainly a gorgeous place to take a vacation regardless of what you do. It should definitely appeal to anyone looking to combine a vacation in the sun with some gambling. There are some truly beautiful locations to be found in this part of the world, and some outstanding casinos as well. A special mention must go to the Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, which stands out among the rest.



The casino tourist industry in Singapore is still considered to be up and coming compared to other venues such as Las Vegas, and it’s not a location that many people associate too strongly with casino gambling. You might be surprised at what it has to offer though! There’s plenty of money being gambled there and this is evident in the incredibly luxurious venues. You don’t have to be rich to gamble in Singapore but it’s certainly a destination that’s popular with wealthy gamblers.

South Africa

South Africa

South Africa might not be closely linked with casino gambling in the minds of many people, but it perhaps should be. It’s an amazing place to visit for several reasons and a very popular tourist destination. Sun City, in particular, has a lot to offer in terms of tourism, and this is where the bigggest and best gambling action takes place. There are some fabulous casinos there, including one of the world’s largest. Good weather is almost a guarantee in the summer as well.

Gambling Cruises

This isn’t technically a casino destination but we felt it was necessary to include at least some information on gambling cruises here. They are actually a great choice for a casino related vacation with a variety of different options to choose from. You can go on short trips, that are just a few days long, for a quick gambling fix or much longer ones that cover a number of different locations that you can visit. You can sail in pure luxury or take a cheaper alternative depending on your own personal preferences.

Your Own Home

We’re perhaps cheating a bit by including this as a destination but is there really any place better to play your favorite games than your own home? Online casinos are incredibly popular, and that’s at least partly due to the fact that you can play any time you want without having to actually go anywhere. They might not match the experience of a live casino, but they do offer some advantages of their own.

Best Sites

Tips for Taking Casino Vacations

Each one of the above guides features plenty of helpful advice for visiting the relevant destination. In addition to all this, we also have a few general pieces of advice that apply for taking a casino vacation anywhere. Most of this advice is pretty straightforward and some of it may even be blatantly obvious to anyone who is a regular visitor to their local casinos. We still recommend taking the time to read through the following tips though, as you might just find them useful in some way or another.

If you’re not at all familiar with visiting casino venues, then you might also benefit from reading our article about casino etiquette. This sets out some of the basic rules for how you are expected to behave in a casino.

Stay at a Casino Hotel

If you’re going on vacation specifically to gamble, then it makes a lot of sense to stay at a hotel which is also a casino venue. Casino and hotel duos are commonplace at many of the leading casino destinations and may even be your only option at some of them. There are two significant advantages to staying in such places.

For starters, it’ll be far more convenient, with no need to worry about travelling between where you stay and where you play. It could also save you some money, as you may be able to get preferential rates for your accommodation based on how much time you spend gambling. It’s possible you could even stay for free if you spend enough time on the gaming floor. This could be a false economy if you lose too much money gambling but if you stick to a budget when playing, then you should be fine.

Check the Entry Requirements Beforehand

Most of the leading casino destinations around the world are fully prepared for tourists, so they make it relatively easy to gain entry. This isn’t always the case though. Some places have quite strict entry requirements, even for tourists. There may be a formal dress code and you may have to apply for membership in advance, so please keep that in mind.

Depending on how old you are, you may also want to check any age requirements, as these might be higher than you expect. If you live in the United Kingdom, for example, you’ll be able to visit your local casinos at 18. You’ll need to be 21 to gamble should you take a trip to Vegas though.

Make Sure You Know the House Rules

Many casino games have universal appeal and can be found in venues all over the world. However, the rules for some of these games may vary from one location to the next. It’s absolutely vital that you are fully aware of the house rules of where you are playing, otherwise a simple mistake could cost you money.

It’s usually easy to find out the local rules, but if you can’t find the information you need anywhere, then you shouldn’t be afraid to ask someone. A dealer will usually be happy to explain them to you or at least tell you where to find them.

Leave Your Credit Cards in Your Room When Gambling

It’s ultimately up to you if want to follow this tip, but we’d certainly suggest that you do. There’s often a temptation to spend more money than you should when playing in a casino and that temptation can be particularly strong when you’re on vacation and having a great time. Nothing is guaranteed to ruin a vacation more than giving in to that temptation though and spending money that you can’t afford to lose.

You should always set yourself a budget on a casino vacation and then make sure that you stick to it. The easiest way to do this is simply to take only the cash you are prepared to lose every time you enter the gaming floor. Also if you leave your credit cards in your hotel room, then you’ll stand a much better chance of resisting any urges to go over your budget after a losing streak.

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