Gambler’s Guide to Las Vegas and Vegas Casinos

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There is no greater place on earth for gamblers and adventure seekers than
Las Vegas. Built in the middle of the desert in Nevada, the Las Vegas valley is
home to some of the largest and most extravagant casinos and hotels in the
world. It’s a place where dreams come true, and excitement never sleeps. We know
we sound like a commercial for the city, but gambling in Las Vegas is an
experience in itself!

If you’ve never been to Las Vegas before or are planning a repeat trip, we’ve
got some valuable information for you. We have a team of Vegas professionals who
have not only visited the city hundreds of times, but many of them now live
here. They have the up-to-date pulse on the city, the casinos, hotels, and
whatever else you need to know to have the best time possible.

Here’s a quick look at everything you need know before hopping on one of the many flights to Vegas.

Top Las Vegas Casinos and Hotels – Reviews

In Las Vegas, there are almost 40 different casinos and even more hotels to
choose from. Some of these are high-end Vegas properties with all the glitz and
ritz, while others are budget-friendly but can still offer a great time. Some of
these Vegas casinos and hotels are themed like castles and pyramids. Others take
a much more traditional approach to their look and feel.

Welcome to Las Vegas Graphic

If you’re considering a trip to Las Vegas, which hotel and casino is the
right fit for you and your friends or family? This can be one of the most
important questions you answer during your planning process. While you’re most
likely not going to be spending much time in your Vegas hotel room, you will probably be
spending a lot of time in other parts of the casino or hotel. Because of this,
it is imperative that you select the best option.

Las Vegas Hotels and Casinos Reviews

Got a few great options or found the hotel and casino from the program above?
Awesome! Now, you either want to learn more to compare your options or learn
more about where you’ll be staying. To help you out, we’ve included detailed,
thorough, and most importantly, up-to-date reviews of the top Las Vegas casinos
and hotels. These reviews cover every square inch of the property and are
jam-packed with insider tips about how to get the most out of your stay.

These are not puff-pieces for each property. These reviews are designed to
give you an honest, accurate, and thorough look as to what each Las Vegas casino
and hotel is actually like.

  • Detailed Hotel Room Breakdowns
  • Restaurant Reviews and Recommendations
  • Player’s Club and VIP Rewards Programs
  • Details About the Casino
  • Shows, Events, and Nightlife
  • Pools, The Spa, and Other Amenities
  • Parking Information
  • Las Vegas Tips
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Gambling Options Available Right Now

Your Las Vegas gambling trip might be months or even years in the future.
Thankfully, this does not mean you have to wait that long to get into the real
money betting action. If you’re looking for casino games where you
live that have Vegas odds, online casinos could be a great fit. These online casinos are safe,
secure, and give you the ability to play your favorite games from the comfort of
your own home.

Additionally, this is a great way to learn and practice without fear of
embarrassment. You can play for low stakes to learn the rules of online gambling before you
actually start in Las Vegas. If you’re ready to give some Vegas casino
action a try, check out the top online casinos available in your area listed

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The Las Vegas Strip – What You Need to Know

The heart and soul of Sin City is the world-famous Las Vegas Strip jampacked
with casinos, hotels, nightclubs, shows, and restaurants. At a mere 4.2 miles
long, it’s impressive how much excitement lines just a few city blocks.

  • 12 million visitors annually
  • 45 casinos on the Strip
  • 30 hotel properties
  • 288 – the number of years it would take you to stay in every room on the

Thinking about staying and playing on the Strip? According to the Nevada
Gaming Commission, there are 45 Las Vegas hotels and casinos to choose from. In
this guide, we look at the most prominent Las Vegas hotels and casinos. Our
expert, locally-based team reviews, ranks, and reports on everything you need to
know to plan the best trip possible.

Downtown Las Vegas – Fremont Street

Not interested in the wild hustle and bustle of the Vegas Strip? Looking for
a more affordable option? You’re looking for Fremont Street. Located in downtown
Las Vegas, Fremont Street often is referred to as ‘Old Vegas’ or ‘Downtown.’
This five-block area of entertainment is packed with hotels, casinos,
restaurants, street performers, a massive zip-line, and more.

Fremont Street is known to capture the look and feel of what Vegas “used to
be.” It’s grungier feel brings lower prices, lower casino table minimums, and a
more relaxed environment. You can still party like a rock star on Fremont
Street; it’s just not going to sting your wallet as badly.

Best Restaurants in Las Vegas

We LOVE food here at, so it only seemed fitting to have an
entire section dedicated to the delicious and delectable cuisines of Las Vegas.
What many tourists who are new to the city don’t realize is that the food in Las
Vegas is one of the biggest draws of the city. While there are plenty of
expensive restaurants that offer great food (and some that don’t), there are
also plenty of affordable options that offer comparable or even better food!

If you want to eat like a king or a queen in Las Vegas, pay attention. Below,
we have links to some of our favorite restaurant reviews and recommendations. If
you like to eat, you’re going to love what we have for you here. These are not
just regurgitated lists of the top 10s from Google. No, these are lists
carefully cultivated and created by our team of local Vegas experts.

Most Recent Las Vegas Blogs

Gambling Safety in Las Vegas

Even though Las Vegas is one of the craziest cities on the planet, it is
still relatively safe. Las Vegas Metro PD and casino security do a fantastic job
of keeping their patrons safe, because it’s imperative to keep the tourism
industry constant here. That all being said, there are certain things that you
need to do in order to ensure you have a safe experience while gambling in Las
Vegas. Below, you will find our collection of the top gambling safety tips for
those of you looking to try and win big in Las Vegas.

Never Play Gambling Games Outside of the Casino

Stay Safe Gambling on Slot Machine

You’ve probably seen it in movies before-dudes posted up in alleyways
throwing dice or doing a “follow the ball” shell game. Think long and hard about
these movie scenes or anytime that you’ve seen this in person. What always
happens? The person running the game always wins in the end! This is because
these games are a scam. Not only are they scams, but they are also illegal and
not something you want to be around on your trip to Las Vegas.

Think you’ve got a shot because you just saw someone win big? That person is
in on the scam. If you want to gamble, just go inside of one of the many amazing
casinos we have listed above. Gambling in Las Vegas is available pretty much
anywhere from the airport to the Strip and even local grocery stores. There is
no reason you need to look elsewhere for any gambling action, especially in a
city like Las Vegas.

Don’t Get Too Drunk or out of Your Element

We are not going to get up on our soapbox and tell you not to drink at Las
Vegas casinos and hotels. We could do that, but we know that roughly zero of you
would listen to us and, frankly, we don’t blame you. The city of Las Vegas is
all about fun, and for those of you over the age of 21, that often includes some
lovely libations.

But you have to be careful when you’re drinking and gambling. When most
people start to get drunk, their logical reasoning starts to fade. They’ll start
taking more risks than usual, which can mean betting more than you would
normally want to. While this could work out in your favor, chances are that it
will not. Not only will you possibly bet more, but you also might find yourself
making mistakes and not playing optimally.

If you’re going to party, find some balance, or separate your drinking days
from your gambling days. There’s a reason why you get free alcohol at the tables
at Las Vegas strip hotels. Yes, it is to help enhance your overall
experience, but it is also to get you feeling a little loose with your money at
the tables.

Be Aware of Your Surroundings

When you make it out to Vegas, here’s something you should try. Walk into any
Las Vegas strip hotel and just sit back for a minute. Notice just how many
people are completely oblivious to what is going on around them. In a city
filled with lights and fast-paced excitement and distractions, it is easy to
lose track of where you are and what is going on around you.

Gambling at Casino Table

This is especially true when you are at a table and focused on winning. All
you’re going to be worried about is what is going on in the game you are
playing. This is when thieves will look to strike. No, we don’t think you’ll get
targeted every time you go to a gambling table. In fact, most of you could go to
Vegas, walk around completely oblivious the whole time, and nothing bad would
happen. But people do get taken advantage of and stolen from.

No matter where you are in Las Vegas, make sure you are aware of your
surroundings. If you notice something that seems out of the ordinary, do
something about it. If you think someone is following you, duck into a casino,
and hang out by security. If you think something is wrong, tell someone. If you
don’t like anything that is happening, remove yourself from the situation.

Being aware of your surroundings in Las Vegas does not just help protect you
when people try and take advantage of you, but it actually acts as a deterrent.
Thieves do not want to go after difficult targets. They don’t want to try and
steal from the guy or gal that has their head on a swivel and is paying
attention to them. They want to steal from the drunk person who has 100% of
their attention focused on something else.

If It Sounds Too Good to Be True…

We’re not big proponents of cliché phrases, but sometimes they say exactly
what we want them to perfectly. If it sounds too good to be true, then it
probably is. This is the case 95% of the time in Las Vegas. If you’re walking
around the street and someone offers you a deal that sounds too good to be true,
it is most likely a scam or there is a catch they’re not telling you about.

There are rare occasions where something that sounds too good to be true is
actually true! How do you tell the difference? Here’s a good rule of thumb. If
the offer is coming from someone who works at the Las Vegas casino, then what
they are offering you is probably real. If the offer is coming from someone on
the street, someone who doesn’t work at the casino, or someone who works at one
of the businesses inside of the casino, it might not be what you think it is.

Important Note!

All the little shops inside the Las Vegas casinos are owned by
third parties, therefore, they operate by their own rules. Yes, they have to do
things on the up and up or they would be kicked off the property, but that
doesn’t mean they won’t try and get one over on you. Typically, their offers are
real, but there’s a catch you might not be fully aware of.

Here’s the bottom line-use your judgment. Do your research before you arrive
in Las Vegas. You’ll have a good idea of what really happens and what are
popular scams. If something raises a red flag, just walk away and go on with
your trip as planned. There is plenty of legitimate fun to be had in Las Vegas
without having to take a risk on something that might be sketchy.

Follow the Limits You Set

A better first tip would be to set gambling limits. Then, once you have these
limits set, follow them. Most people that go to Las Vegas plan on being there
for multiple days. If you want to guarantee you’ll have the ability to gamble
every day, make sure you set limits and stick to them.

For example, let’s say that you are going to Las Vegas for four days and your
gambling budget is $300. Let’s also say that, for one of the days, you are
planning to go to the pool and have some drinks with friends. Being the smart
gambler you are, you determine that you will only be gambling three of the days
that you are there.

The budgeting process is simple. Set aside $100 for each of the three days to
gamble with. If you lose your first $100 as soon as you get to Vegas, you’re
done gambling for the day. Do not dip into your other $200 just because you want
to play some more. While that will get you back into the action, you’re going to
run into issues the last few days if you lose that money. You’ll be tempted to
hit the ATM and pull out more cash than you wanted to gamble with in the first
place. If you happen to have a big first day and win, you can always adjust your
limits for the remaining days as long as you don’t go over your $300 limit.

Determine the total amount of money you’re comfortable losing and divide that
out for the total number of days you want to play. If you plan on playing more
hours on a particular day, adjust your budget accordingly. Once your budget is
set, stick to it while you are there. If you have to make yourself envelopes for
each day, then go for it. If you need to get someone else to hold the other
envelopes for you, do that. Just make sure that you don’t ruin your Vegas trip
by getting out of control and losing more money than you planned to.


Wallets Sideways and Purses in Front

Yes, there are pickpockets in Las Vegas. They are not as rampant as they are
in some other major cities, but they do exist. Typically, you’ll see these
people show up in areas where there are large crowds of people standing around
watching some sort of show or act like the Bellagio fountains. This also happens
more outside because there are not as many cameras as inside the casino.

Again, preventing yourself from being a victim of pickpockets is all about
being the less-appealing target. If someone else is easier to steal from, the
thieves are going to bypass you and work on them. While this still stinks for
them, it protects you.

Here are two quick tips to keep yourself from being a target. If you carry a
wallet, carrying it in your front pocket is the best idea. If you’re not
comfortable with that and want it in your back pocket, turn your wallet
longways. This makes your wallet wider in your pockets and further down from the
opening of your pants pocket. These two things together make it harder to lift
your wallet without detection.

If you carry a purse, don’t carry it behind you. The same goes for backpacks.
In the heavy crowds of the Strip, thieves can sneak into your purse or backpack
without you noticing and take what they want. Think you’d feel them opening it?
Sometimes, they don’t even open them. They’ll use a knife and slice the bottom
of the bag and grab everything that drops out. While you think you’re going to
see or hear this, it’s just not the case. The Las Vegas Strip is absolutely
crazy, especially around nighttime and during busy times of the year.

Money-Saving Tips for Las Vegas Casinos

No matter what your budget looks like for your next trip to Las Vegas, saving
money should be something you’re interested in. Even if you have an endless
budget, every dollar you save on your trip is an extra dollar you can use to try
and win big at the tables. If you’re serious about saving some money, check out
the quick and functional tips we have for you listed below.

Get Cash Ahead of Time

The ATM fees in Las Vegas are comical at best. If you find a “cheap” one,
you’re going to be paying $5 per transaction. Some ATMs on casino floors will
have fees as high as $20! If you don’t want to be paying these fees that will
quickly add up, bring cash with you. Yes, you do run a bit higher risk carrying
a lot of cash, but it’s risk versus reward. If you’re someone who is safe and
accountable, save yourself a few bucks by bringing cash with you from home. Do
make sure you secure that cash in your room, though. While we don’t want to
assume anyone would steal from you, but these are Vegas odds you can control.

Plan the Dates of Your Trip Strategically

Las Vegas Sign

The prices of everything in Las Vegas change a lot. This includes Vegas hotels, car
rentals, show tickets, and more. Depending on several different factors
surrounding your trip, the overall cost can vary by a few hundred to several
thousand dollars. So, how do you save?

Well, if you are forced to go to Vegas on particular dates for an event set
in stone, you’re not going to have much luck. You can shop around with options,
but the prices are going to be pretty set for you. If you are flexible, though,
you have some options. First, the time of year or season that you come is
important. If you come in the summer when it’s really hot, you’re going to get
much better rates. Keep in mind, though, this is because most people don’t want
to come when it is 120 degrees outside. But that’s what swimming pools and air
conditioning are made for.

Second, schedule away from major holidays, events, and conferences. Anytime
there is a huge influx of people into Las Vegas, prices are going to rise. It
should be pretty easy for you to know when major holidays are, but there are
some events that you won’t be aware of. The city hosts major conferences that
can have thousands of people pouring into the city without you even knowing. The
best way to check rates is to look at hotel room prices for different times of
the year. If they are randomly astronomically high, then something is probably
going on.

The best way to take advantage of this tip is by figuring out all of the
potential dates you would be able to visit Las Vegas. Then, start looking at
hotel rates for those time frames. Find the time that the room rates are the
cheapest. All of the other prices in town are going to follow suit.

Use Uber, Lyft, and Public Transportation

Uber Logo

How you get around town can have a major impact on your overall Las Vegas
budget. The best advice that supersedes this is to choose a hotel close to
everything you want to do. Even if the hotel is a few bucks extra, you might
save in your overall costs because it cuts down on travel. Think outside the box
when you plan.

If you do have to go places around Las Vegas, remember that you have more
options than just taxis. Uber and Lyft are massive in this town and their rates
are much cheaper than taxis. The only times that the rates get anywhere close to
comparable are in times of surge pricing, when everyone and their mother needs a
ride for New Year’s Eve, or on a Friday night after a big fight.

Additionally, there is some great public transportation available in Las
Vegas. We have double-decker buses that run up and down the Strip all day and
are only a few bucks. There is even a monorail to the east side of the Strip
that is a quick way to get from place to place. Unlike some cities, the public
transportation in Las Vegas is clean, safe, and used by a lot of tourists. And
don’t forget, you can also walk if you want! Just keep in mind that everything
is going to look closer than it might actually be.

Hit a Grocery Store or Liquor Store

One of the biggest costs of your trip if you like to drink is going to be
alcohol. Finding $9 beers will be considered cheap. Nightclubs are going to have
Bud Lights for around $18. Yuck! What we recommend you do is take a taxi, Uber,
or Lyft to a close liquor store or grocery store. Make sure you go to one that
is off the Strip, so you aren’t still getting hit with tourist pricing. Pick up
plenty of alcohol for the trip and you can make drinks for way cheaper in your
room. Yes, there will be times where you’ll want to get drinks while you are
out, but you can at least save a little on your pregaming. Long live the red
Solo cup!

Additionally, you can pick up some snacks and waters while you are at the
grocery store. A popular tip is to pick up cereal and fruit for breakfast, so
you get one meal that you’re not having to pay Vegas prices for. You can even
get some lunch things as well if you really want to save. If you have a fridge
in your room, you can stock up on some bread and lunch meat and make sandwiches
every day. Then, you can enjoy a fancy Vegas dinner without breaking the bank or
having to eat out for three meals plus snacks every day.

And we mentioned picking up water, but we’re going to mention it again. Get
several cases or jugs of water. The water in some Vegas hotel rooms is likes $10 a
bottle or something crazy like that. You’re going to be dehydrated, and you need
to drink water. Unless you want to blow your budget at a Las Vegas casino and
hotel on H2O, take our advice and make a quick trip to a grocery store. It’s the
ultimate Las Vegas pro tip.

Ship Things to Your Hotel Ahead of Time

Okay, we just fibbed. One of the ultimate Las Vegas tips used to be going to the
grocery store. The new tip is having everything you need shipped to your hotel
to arrive the day you get there. We’re looking at you, Amazon. You can have
snacks, drinks, alcohol, and anything else you might want to save money on
shipped to your hotel to arrive on the day you check in.

Some hotels will even hold the packages for you for a certain period of time
if they arrive early. We would recommend asking the hotel what the policy on
holding packages early is before doing so. Most of them should give you at least
a few days which would be ideal. Do make sure you tip a few bucks when you
retrieve your boxes.

Other Las Vegas Activities Besides Gambling

While gambling is the primary activity visitors partake in while in Las
Vegas, this is not the only thing there is to do. In fact, you can take an
entire trip to Vegas and never gamble once. We don’t recommend it, because we
love gambling, but that’s just us. If you want to diversify your trip a little
bit, there are plenty of great activities you can do.

In the links below, we’ll break down all of the other activities you
can do besides gambling at Las Vegas casinos and give you a place to book them. You’ll be surprised at just how
much stuff there is to do! Want to drive a bulldozer or a tank? You can! Want to
see the Hoover Dam or the Grand Canyon? Do it. Want to get a massage or go for a
beautiful hike? The options are endless. All of these things and more are
possible in and around the city of Las Vegas.

Planning Your Trip to Vegas

Gambling in Las Vegas FAQ

What Is the Minimum Bet in Las Vegas?

It depends on where in the city you are, what time of the year it is, what
day of the week it is, and what time it is. If you are on the Strip, the table
minimums are always going to be higher than they would be downtown on Fremont
Street. The minimum we’ve seen on the Strip is around $5. On Fremont, we have
seen some tables offering $1 minimums.

These table minimums will fluctuate, though, based on how busy the Las Vegas
casino is. If it is a Friday night during busy season on the Strip, you might
not see a table minimum below $25. If it’s a random Tuesday morning during the
summer, you should be able to jump on just about anywhere on the Strip for $5.
It’s all one big supply and demand game. The more gamblers there are to play
higher stakes, the fewer tables with lower stakes you’ll see.

What’s the Best Las Vegas Hotel and Casino to Stay At?

Not really. Some of the Las Vegas casinos do run training sessions in the
mornings where they will teach you the games for free. But these are not every
day and they tend to fill up quickly. What we recommend that you do before going
to Las Vegas is take advantage of online casinos to practice the games you want
to play. You can either play for free or for low stakes to get a feel for real
money gambling. Online casinos are a perfect place for you to sharpen your
skills and learn the games you’re going to be playing in a low-pressure

How Long Should I Plan My Trip to Las Vegas For?

It depends on your budget, what you want to accomplish, and how long you can
get away for. If it’s your first trip to Las Vegas, we recommend no more than
three full days. Why? Because this city tires people out way more than they ever
plan for. Anything longer than this on your first run is going to wear you out,
and the end of your trip is going to suffer. This is plenty of time to see what
the city has to offer, get some gambling in, eat some good food, and have some

If you’ve been to Las Vegas before, you have an idea of how the city treats
you. While three days is still probably plenty, you could stretch things out to
a week and be just fine. Just realize that if you are going to Las Vegas for
this long, then you need to pace yourself. We do not care how epic of a partier
or gambler you are. You will need to take it slow, or this city will swallow you
up and spit you out. It will be fun, but you will be exhausted and burnt out.

Are There Places to Play the Casino Games for Free to Learn in Las Vegas?

Not really. Some of the Las Vegas casinos do run training sessions in the
mornings where they will teach you the games for free. But these are not every
day and they tend to fill up quickly. What we recommend that you do before going
to Las Vegas is take advantage of online casinos to practice the games you want
to play. You can either play for free or for low stakes to get a feel for real
money gambling. Online casinos are a perfect place for you to sharpen your
skills and learn the games you’re going to be playing in a low-pressure

Is Las Vegas Safe?

Yes. The city is completely driven by tourism, which means that the safety of
tourists is key to that success. The police and security work hard to keep you
safe. That being said, there is still crime. Bad things do happen here, but not
as much as TV and movies might lead you to believe. As long as you conduct
yourself in a safe manner, pay attention to your surroundings, and listen to the
wisdom of those that have been here before, you will be fine. Just remember that
even though this feels like an adult Disney World, bad things can still happen
if you let your guard down.

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