Betting on Horse Racing – The Best Horse Racing Betting Sites

Horse racing betting sites can bring the world of horse racing betting to
your fingertips. The modernization of betting on this age-old sport allows
people who may have never been involved to turn into horse racing betting
experts. But keep in mind, it’s a process that you must know a little bit about
before you proceed.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re considering starting into the
world of online horse racing gambling. And this is the best place to start. Here
is a list of the horse racing betting sites that we feel are the absolute best
available online right now:

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There are few sporting events that have a deeper tradition than the world of
horse racing. No matter what type of racing you might consider, it likely has
roots that go back for centuries in different parts of the world. And that is
history cannot be separated from people’s ability to bet on the races.

While laws have changed and legalized gambling has become more widespread,
betting on horse racing has been legal in most jurisdictions for years upon
years. As a result, many people who grew up watching the sport might have a
background in betting on the races. The addition of betting sites for horse racing
has just added to their love of horse racing wagering.

As for younger generations, they have grown up with the digital revolution.
They understand how important it is to have the entertainment they want at their
fingertips. As a result, many younger fans have an inherent understanding of
online betting on horse racing.

All of this means that the demand for horse racing betting sites continues to
grow. The good news is that there is no shortage of online sports betting sites which can
cater to horse racing fans, whether they’re interested in Thoroughbreds, harness
racing, jump racing, or all of the above. But the bad news is that not all of
these sites should be under consideration when it comes time for you to get
started with horse racing wagering online.

It is crucially important that you take great caution and care when choosing
your betting sites for horse racing. The best sites will not only give you access to
horse racing betting in the most convenient and easy manner possible, but they
will also allow you to do some wagering on a widespread range of events and
games. But if you rush into choosing a site, you could end up regretting the
decision much worse than you would picking the wrong horse for the big race.

In the following article, we’ll look at the horse racing betting websites that
we recommend, both in terms of listing them and giving you the reasons why we
chose them. We’ll also give you a general overview on the sport, from the types
of horse racing and the biggest races to the terminology used for wagering. Finally,
we’ll talk about betting on the sport and how to make the right selections for
the biggest races.

Latest Blogs for Betting on Horse Racing

Types of Horse Racing Available for Online Betting

Horse Racing

Thoroughbred Racing

This is the most common form of horse racing known by casual fans.
Thoroughbred racing features horses with jockeys on their backs running on flat
surfaces. Horses may run on dirt or grass tracks, and distances range generally
from about 5/8 of a mile to 1 1/2 miles, although there can occasionally be races
both longer and shorter.

Jump Racing

This type of racing is sometimes known as steeplechase racing or hunt racing.
It involved horses at some point (or points) during a race leaping over an
obstacle of some kind. Jump racing is generally contested at longer distances of
two miles or more.

Harness Racing

Harness racing features horses pulling carts called “bikes” or “sulkies”
behind them, and these bikes are guided by drivers. In harness racing, most
races are contested on dirt tracks. American harness racing generally takes
place at the distance of a mile, while harness racing in other parts of the
world takes place at longer distances.

Major Events Available on Horse Racing Betting Sites

American Triple Crown Races

Kentucky Derby: Easily the most famous horse race in all of America,
this event is held every May and is the first leg of the Triple Crown. It
takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky, and is contested at
1 1/4 miles on the dirt. Like the other American Triple Crown races, it is
contested by three-year-old horses.

Preakness Stakes: The second leg is held at Pimlico Race Course in
Baltimore, Maryland. At 1 3/16 miles, it is the shortest of all the American
Triple Crown races.

Belmont Stakes: Because of its length of 1 1/2 miles, the Belmont Stakes
is often known as “The Test.” It is also important for horses who have won
the first two legs of the Triple Crown and want to complete the sweep. The
Belmont Stakes is held at Belmont Park in Elmont, New York.

Breeders’ Cup Races

The Breeders’ Cup is a year-end event that takes place at some of the most
prestigious tracks in the United States. It was devised in the 1980s as a way to
keep casual fans’ interest in horse racing beyond the Triple Crown. This race has become a true spectacle at horse racing betting sites. What
distinguishes the Breeders’ Crown is that it brings together all ages and
disciplines of horses in an effort to settle who is the best in each group.

Other Top American Races

British Triple Crown Races

2000 Guineas Stakes: The first leg of the British Triple Crown takes
place at Suffolk, England, each spring. This is one of the most unique races
in the Triple Crown series, as it takes place at a mile without any turns.

Epsom Derby: The concept of all “Derby” races comes from this
prestigious event held at 1 1/4 miles in Surrey, England. Like the rest of the
Triple Crown races in the UK, it is only for three-year-olds.

Leger Stakes: Like the American version, the British version of the
Triple Crown is a real challenge. It is the longest of the three races at a
distance of approximately 1 3/8 miles.

Other Top World Thoroughbred Events

Major Jump Races

Queen Mother Champion Chase

Queen Mother Chase

Top Harness Racing Events

The Breeders Crown

The Breeders Crown
The Hambletonian

The Hambletonian
Prix d'Amerique

Prix d’Amerique

The Little Brown Jug

The Little Brown Jug
The North America Cup

The North America Cup

What the Best Horse Racing Betting Sites Should Offer

How do we know these are the best horse racing betting sites? Because we’ve
done all the research for you. We have subjected each of these sites to the
strictest possible tests and made sure that they met our rigorous standards.

Does that mean that all of these sites are perfect? Not necessarily. But they
rank highly in a smattering of categories that we feel are very important to the
process of betting horse races online.

You should still research the sites on your own to see if they fit your
specific needs. And if there is a horse racing betting site that you encounter
in your research that isn’t listed here, you can use our criteria to see if it
lives up to the standards we mentioned above.

Let’s take a closer look at each of these criteria so that you can know how
to apply them to horse racing betting sites when the time comes.

Funding Options

Some of the funding options that might come into play for you include:

  • Credit cards
  • Cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Payment systems, such as PayPal or Venmo

The best horse racing betting websites will allow you the opportunity to fund
your accounts in a number of different ways. If you enjoy gambling with cryptocurrency, you will really appreciate those sites that let you pay and withdraw
with the quickness, privacy, and ease that those digital coins allow. You might
also have a specific credit card that you want to use and would be disappointed
if the narrow choices on a particular site don’t include it.

Customer Service

When you’re dealing with horse racing betting and money changing hands, it is
crucial to have trust that any problems that might arise will be addressed by
the site in question. Otherwise, you might not have any chance to recoup losses
that have been caused by a site malfunction or some other mishap. Remember that
the world of online gambling is unregulated in many areas.

For that reason, the best online horse racing betting sites will demonstrate their
customer service in a number of ways, including:

  • Clear contact information on their site
  • Multiple ways of contact
  • Specific representatives assigned to each account
  • Courteous, professional communications
  • Respect for the customer in all situations
  • Great effort to solve any problems that the customer faces

Customer service is something that you should never take for granted.
Luckily, the betting sites for horse racing that we’ve listed all rank pretty high
in that category. Make sure that any sites you choose on your own do as well.

Betting Opportunities

First of all, you’ll likely want your horse racing betting sites to give you
a wide range of betting options for all the action that you crave within the
sport. And that means that the site goes beyond just the biggest races that draw
casual fans. These sites should provide access to daily racing action from all
over the world.

What you’ll find is that the best sites are so effective in bringing the
world of horse racing betting to you that you might want to splurge and try out
some other types of betting. The best sites give you the option of betting in
other ways beside horse racing. You might also want to try:

Sports betting: Top betting sites will include a fully
operational sportsbook. As a result, you can bet on any kind of sport from any
part of the world at all times. These sites will also provide you with the
widest range of sports betting and the best odds on all of this

Casino games: Instead of having to brave the traffic and
crowds at your local casino, you can have all the action at your convenience in
an online fashion. Whether you love table games or slot machines, online casinos
can give you that action in a fair, gambler-friendly manner.

Aggressive Bonuses

If you’re new to the world of online gambling, you might not realize that the
best horse racing betting sites will actively court you so that you’ll give them
your business. After all, the online gambling realm is extremely competitive.
Every new customer is a big achievement for betting sites.

As a result, don’t be surprised to see offers coming your way such as:

  • Free bets
  • Deposit bonuses
  • Reload bonuses
  • Offers on top horse races
  • VIP perks

All of these bonuses generally come with some restrictions applied, but they
still give you a chance to help out your gambling bottom-line. Since you should
think of your horse racing betting as an investment, any help in that area
should be welcomed. That’s why you should be looking for the best possible
from the horse racing betting sites that you have on your radar.

Mobile Betting

Kentucky Derby

Before you even worry about betting via apps, you should first make sure that
you’re comfortable with horse racing online betting sites. Do some navigating
from page to page. Make sure that you understand the pages and the mechanics of
making a bet. Check to see if there are any slow-loading pages or glitches. This
kind of research will help you to head off any problems that might arise when
you sign up for the site.

Once you have that squared away, begin exploring whether or not the site
gives you the chance to bet via a mobile device. Whether it’s a smartphone or a
tablet, such devices are often the only thing you have on you when you’re out
and about. As a result, horse racing betting sites with functioning apps that
are easy to use are really valuable.

Deposits and Bonuses

Many people get caught up with bonuses and betting options that they forget
to check on the deposit and withdrawal policy for the site they are considering.
Yet choosing which payment methods you will be using for deposits and withdrawals are, in many ways, the most important part of the
process. After all, that’s how the money changes hands.

In terms of deposits, you need to find out how quickly you can wager once you
put money in your account. You should also check to see if there is a minimum
that your account must contain before you can bet. When you’re talking about
horse racing betting, with races going off all the time, you can’t have any
doubts about when you’ll be ready to bet.

As for withdrawals, you have to understand that most horse racing betting
sites will impose guidelines on when and how much you can withdraw. Just make
sure that these guidelines are clearly stated to you when you sign on and that
the site has a reputation of living up to these guidelines. Otherwise, you might
not be able to realize your hard-earned gambling winnings the way that you want.

How to Bet on Horse Racing

When you settle in to bet on a race on the top horse racing betting sites, no
matter what kind of race it might be, you will be hit with a lot of different
options. First of all, you have to decide what types of horse racing bets you would like to
make. This choice will often come down to how much money you want to spend, how
much risk you’d like to assume, and the kinds of winnings you’d like to accrue.

If you are more the conservative type that likes to play it close to the
vest, straight bets are an excellent way to go on horse racing betting sites. A
straight bet is one that requires you to pick just one horse from the race. The
three most common types of straight bets are:

  • Win: Your horse has to win the race
  • Place: Your horse has to come in first or second
  • Show: Your horse has to come in first, second, or third

With a straight bet, you just need to be right about one thing and one horse.
As a result, you have the best chance of winning a horse racing bet by doing it
this way. The trade-off, however, is that you probably won’t win a lot even if
you do have the right horse.

One way you can make a lot of money on a straight bet is if the horse that
you pick is a long shot. That means that its odds are long enough to give them
what the oddsmakers consider a small chance of winning well. To make a lot of
money on a horse that’s not really a long shot, you’ll have to bet a lot of

If you’d prefer to have a better chance of winning a lot of money in one fell
swoop, an exotic bet is the way to play it. Exotic bets are bets which involve
multiple horses. Common types of exotic bets include:

  • Exacta: You pick the first two horses in the order of
  • Trifecta: You pick the first three horses in the order
    of finish
  • Superfecta: You pick the first four horses in the order
    of finish
  • Daily Double: You pick the winner of two consecutive
  • Pick 3, Pick 4, Pick 5, etc.: You pick the winner of
    several races in a row

The reason that most exotic bets pay off so well is that they are extremely
hard to hit. You’ll need to really understand how a specific race is going to
play out, and you’ll need to also get a little bit lucky. Even expert horse
racing bettors have a hard time hitting exotic bets with regularity.

But the upside is the amount of money that you can make with just a small
bet. For just a few dollars, you can conceivably win hundreds or even thousands,
depending on what the odds might be. As a result, exotic bets on horse racing
betting sites are perfect for those who are looking for the big score. If you’d like to learn more about wagering on horses check out our guide for how to bet on horse racing.

How to Pick Winning Horses

When it comes down to it, there’s always a little bit of luck involved in
picking winning horses on horse racing betting sites. Some people just like to
pick their favorite names or numbers. Others like to get more intricate and
study every last detail before picking a horse.

If you are the type that looks to do some studying and give yourself the best
possible chance of winning, there are certain things that you should look for.
And these qualities tend to be applicable no matter what style of racing you
might be betting. You can pick up a program or racing form for the races you’re
betting at and look for the following things:

Past Performances

Look at how the horse has performed in recent races to see what kind of form
it has coming into the race. This should give you an indication of how it is
trending. You can also look further back than the most recent races to see if a
horse has the potential to return to another big performance.

Videos of Past Races

While program pages can give a good indication of the statistical
performances of certain horses, they don’t always tell the whole tale. That’s
why it’s a good idea to go beyond that and actually watch previous races
involving the horses you’re considering. It might give you some clues that are
hidden from those just sticking to the program.

Prix de lArc de Triomphe


Many novice horse racing bettors get caught up with a horse’s results in
terms of wins, places, and shows. But it is just as important to know the
caliber of horses that it was facing in those past races. Horses that are used
to running against better competition can be dangerous when facing those who
have been facing lesser.


Horse racing is a sport which values pedigree more than any other. Knowing
how a horse’s parents performed in their racing career can give you an
indication of how it will do on its own. And there are also some breeding horses
who have a record of turning out top performers.

Human Connections

Whether you’re talking about jockeys in thoroughbred racing or drivers in
harness racing, the men and women out on the track with the horses have a lot to
do with the outcome. So do the trainers who are in charge of getting them ready
for the race. Information on a horse’s connections should always be considered
before you make a wager on horse racing betting sites.

Frequently Asked Questions About Betting on Horse Racing

What Is the Difference Between Fixed Odds and Pari-Mutuel Odds?

Fixed odds are odds which do not change once a bet has been made. For
instance, if you bet on a horse that is listed at 8 to 1 to win, those are the
odds that you will get. That is regardless of how anybody else bets on the race.
By contrast, pari-mutuel odds are those which are always changing right up until
race time. You might bet on a horse at 8 to 1 a few days before the race. But if
a lot of people bet on the horse after you do, those odds could come down
significantly. Most horse racing gambling sites use pari-mutuel odds. You might
be able to find some that offer you fixed odds. You’ll have to decide which type
of betting suits your needs as a horse racing bettor.

How Does Futures Betting Work on Horse Racing Betting Sites?

People use futures wagers in all sports to speculate on events that haven’t
yet taken place. And in many cases, those events are still a while from taking
place. Futures bets, because of their nature, offer generous odds to bettors.
Using futures bets in horse racing is a way of locking in odds on a horse a few
weeks, sometimes months, before a race. How does this work? Let’s take the
example of the Kentucky Derby in America.

Let’s say that you have your eye on a contender for the Derby several months
in advance. You find a horse racing betting site that is offering betting odds
of 30 to 1 on this horse. Seeing that, you decide to place a futures bet on him
to win the Derby. Now, imagine that the horse goes on a hot streak before the
Derby, winning several races. In the week leading up to the race, he is made a 3
to 1 favorite by the oddsmakers at Churchill Downs. But your odds on him winning
the race remain 30 to 1, which is much more lucrative if he wins.

Of course, the downside of a futures bet is that it can go the other
direction. You could make that same bet and then, the next week, the horse gets
injured, ruining his chances of even running in the Derby. Even though that is
the case, your bet has been made, and you don’t get your money back. Bettors use
futures bets on horse racing betting sites as a way of taking a chance on
promising horses. In most cases, these sites will limit futures bets to only the
biggest horse races in the world.

How Can I Give Myself a Better Chance to Win Exotic Bets?

When you’re dealing with exotic bets, you really have to be absolutely on
point to win one. But you can give yourself more wiggle room in a number of
ways. Boxing your bets is one way to do that. For example, let’s say you want to
play a trifecta on the Preakness Stakes, and you like horses #2, #4, and #6. If
you box them, you would win no matter what order they come in. For example, you
would win if they come in 4-6-2, 6-2-4, or 2-6-4, and so on.

Of course, this bet comes with a bigger price. Because by boxing the
trifecta, you are essentially betting on six different combinations. That means
you’d need a $12 bet to win the full amount of the trifecta, as opposed to a $2
bet if you just played a single combination. Another way to narrow down your
chances in exotic bets is to use multiple horses for one part of the bet. For
example, let’s say that you love the #1 horse in the first part of the Daily
Double, but in the second half of the Double, you can’t decide on a horse.
Simply bet 1-ALL for the Double.

If there were eight horses in the second half of the Double, you’d be talking
about a $16 dollar bet. But if your horse in the first race wins, you can easily
make your money back with a hefty profit, especially if a long shot wins the
second race. The only way to improve your odds of winning an exotic is by
putting more money at stake in your initial bet. But it might be worth it,
considering the nice payouts for exotic wagers on average.


Online betting sites for horse racing are put in place to help you make your wagers on
horse racing from all over the world. Many people don’t have the luxury of
having a race track or even an off-track wagering facility in their backyard.
Others just prefer the convenience of betting online to getting out and doing it
in person.

Whatever your reason for frequenting horse racing betting sites, you need to
make sure that you choose good ones. Start with the list that we’ve provided
you at the top of this page. And then, when you branch out, make sure you apply the criteria that we
gave you to make sure any sites you discover are worth your betting money.

Making a decision about horse racing betting sites without doing your
research and due diligence isn’t a very good idea. It can come back to haunt you
if problems arise and you don’t get any answers for the site in question. But if
you choose wisely and carefully, your horse racing betting can provide you with
a lifetime of pleasure and excitement, win or lose.

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