Best Football Betting Sites for 2024

Finding the best football betting site is crucial to not only having the best experience but giving yourself the best chance at making the big bucks! Whether you’re betting the NFL, college football, Canadian football, or any other football leagues, you want to know that you’re betting at the best football betting sites. Below, you’ll find a list of the best sites to bet football that are trustworthy, safe, and secure. If you’re ready to get into football betting, you’ve come to the right place.

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The best sites to bet on football we’ve recommended above are truly the best in the business at what they do. If you’re looking for somewhere online to bet that is friendly to beginners as well as capable of handling the action of experienced professionals and aspiring professionals, any one of these top football betting sites will be perfect for you. Football betting online can be a lot of fun, but only if you’re betting with an online sportsbook that is safe, secure, and offers an honest and trustworthy platform to use.

The best US football betting sites online:

  • Bovada – Offers great promotions and excellent football betting lines
  • BetUS – Very user friendly website and great promotions
  • BetOnline – Excellent customer service and has a strong reputation
  • MyBookie – Many football betting promotions and offers
  • – Offers many different football betting options like prop bets and futures

Football Betting Picks:

Football Betting Blogs:

What Football Betting Sites Are Safe to Bet With?

We’re here to walk you through the process. Be sure to follow our steps below to make sure that no matter what football betting site you choose, you know your money is safe and protected.

Three Screens

1. Pick out a football betting site that is right for you.

We know you’re looking to get into the action fast, but you need to make sure you choose the best football betting site for you. This is most likely where you’re going to be making your bets for a long time to come, so we’d recommend slightly pumping the brakes to make sure you find the perfect online betting site.

In the chart above, we’ve picked out five of the top betting websites available. Why five and not just one? Because while every one of these football betting sites is trustworthy and high quality, they all offer a slightly different experience. We’ve outlined who each site is best for to give you a good starting point. What we recommend you do, though, is pick out two or three football betting sites from that list and poke around for a few minutes. You should be able to easily tell which site is the right one for you in a matter of minutes, if not seconds.

You’ll be happy down the road that you took the time to do this.

2. Create your free account and make an initial deposit.

Once you’ve sorted through a list of football betting sites, it’s time to create your free account and make your initial deposit. Creating your account is easy. You’ll pick out a screen name, enter your email, create a password, and give a few more details about yourself and that’s it!

Once you have an account, you’ll want to navigate over to the deposits page and make your first deposit. Every football betting site that we have recommended has lots of different options for you to get your account funded including using credit cards, debit cards, e-wallets like PayPal or Skrill, bank transfers, pre-paid cards, and a whole lot more. You should be able to get real money into your account easily in a matter of minutes.

Pick Bet

3. Select and make the bets you want to make.

Once you’ve gone through the football betting sites we’ve recommended, created an account and funded it , it’s time to bet! If you already know what you want to bet on, go for it! If you still need some help making your picks, check out the tips and strategy guides we have for you later on in this guide. We’ll load you up with the tools, tips, tricks, and resources that you need in order to become one of the best football bettors on the planet.

Money in Hand

4. Win big!

The last step is the “easy” one and can be the fun one. You just need the players on the field to do their jobs and fulfill your expectations. If they can do that and you picked well, you’re going to walk away a big winner!

Bovada Football Betting CTA

That’s all you have to do to get started. Scoot on back up to the top of the page and take the first step by picking out the best football betting websites for you. If you still think you need a little assistance, we do have some additional resources for you below that can help you with the process.

Football Betting for Beginners

Brand new? Feeling lost? Need a hug? We got you covered. Getting involved in football betting can seem overwhelming. How do we know this? Because we were in your shoes before. Everyone has to start somewhere. Because we remember that feeling, we want to help by providing some resources specifically targeted towards you and getting you up to speed. Betting on football is not hard, but it can seem like a lot if things aren’t broken down properly.

Start With Sports Betting Basics

When someone first learns how to play football, do you start by teaching them intricate plays or do you start with general sports fundamentals like running, throwing, hand-eye coordination, etc.? You start with the general sports basics as long as you are a good coach who actually wants to see results.

The same is true when it comes to betting on football. You need to start by learning the basics of sports betting in general, and then you can move to the specifics of the sport to get into the action. Here are two guide that are must-reads if you’re brand new to all of this. Everything in these guides is completely applicable to betting on football, so make sure you pay attention and don’t drop the ball with this one.

Once you’ve completed reading and understanding those guides, you should take a look at our How to Bet on Football guide. This is an incredible read jam-packed full of links, additional guides, resources, and more to turn you into an expert when it comes to knowing how to bet on football. Once you finish the information there, you will be more than ready to start building out your strategy and start winning big!

Top Tips for Betting on Football

Looking for some quick football betting tips to get you started on the right track right now? We have got you covered. Below, you’re going to find five of the best football betting tips and resources you need to get started betting on football the right way right now.

Understand the Different Types of Football Bets

Betting flexibility is a phrase that you need to become extremely familiar with if you want to succeed betting on football. Betting flexibility refers to the ability to bet on way more than just the winner of a football game. It’s the multitude of different types of bets and variations of wagers that you can use to build out your winning football betting strategy.

Below, we’ve broken down the most popular types of football bets in an easy to understand manner. You don’t have to use all of these different football bet types to be successful, but being aware of your options is crucial to a successful football betting career.

Stop Making the Most Common Football Betting Mistakes

It’s painful to see football bettors of all skill levels continually making the same betting mistakes over and over again. It doesn’t matter if this is because of laziness, lack of knowledge, or just bad training from a fellow sports bettor; it’s still detrimental to your bottom line and your ability to be a profitable football bettor.

In the guide below, we’ve outlined the most common football betting mistakes and what you can do to make sure you don’t fall victim to them.

Follow Good Bankroll Management Practices

Betting on football is all about the long run. Even if you make the best picks, bet at the best football betting sites, and are really sharp with what you’re doing, you will fail and go broke if you don’t have great bankroll management practices. Our bankroll management guide linked below is one of the most important reads you’ll ever see in your entire football betting career.

Don’t Let the Betting Public or Sports Media Guide You

There are two statements that you need to learn real quickly if you want to succeed betting on football.

  1. The betting public is not smart when it comes to betting on football.
  2. The sports media’s goal is to entertain fans, not help you pick value sports bets.

The reason that football betting is so profitable is because the betting public is terrible at it.

NFL Views Graph

Find more statistics at Statista

They have a tendency to bet with their hearts and without doing any research often causing the betting lines to shift the wrong direction giving you the opportunity to pick up extra value. With this knowledge in mind, do you think you should be listening to the betting public for football betting advice? Absolutely not. A popular quote you’ll hear from sportsbook managers and owners is:

If you can ever bet on the opposite side of the betting public, you’re going to make money.

The second statement about the sports media is equally important for you to commit to memory before choosing a football betting site. Talk shows, news reports, magazines, and online articles are typically written with one goal in mind – entertain the reader, viewer, or listener and get them to come back for more. Notice we didn’t say their goal was to help you make great picks. Their goal is to entertain and that often means that they have to ignore what they really think is going to happen to push a more attractive narrative. It also means they are usually not looking at odds, spreads, or payout lines when they are making their picks.

Do not let the betting public or the sports media sway you from making an intelligent football bet. If the source is a proven, sharp football bettor who focuses solely on making intelligent bets, they are the only exception to this tip.

Shop Your Football Betting Lines

Thanks to the addition of our betting center above, there are now zero acceptable excuses for not shopping your football betting lines. Shopping your betting lines means checking multiple sportsbooks to see who is paying out the most on the exact same bet. Yes, different sportsbooks will pay you more or less money on the exact same bet all based on how much action they have brought in on the game so far.

Sportsbooks want even action on both sides of the game, and in order to do that, they have to adjust the lines to sway the action as needed. Each sportsbook does this independently. You should be taking advantage of this unless you don’t like money or want to leave free money on the table.

Why Line Shopping Is Not a Tough Decision

“Cowboys to Win”
Bet $100 to WIN $125

Bet 1

Man Betting
“Cowboys to Win”
Bet $100 to WIN $105

Bet 2

Line shopping is a no brainer. You can get paid more money for making the exact same bet just by looking at different sportsbooks.

Football Betting Strategy

You can have a great deal of fun placing bets on football with just a little bit of knowledge, and there’s even the possibility of earning a little extra cash. For the best chance of making consistent profits, however, you really need to know more than just the basics. The strategy section of our guide is an incredibly useful resource for anyone that’s serious about making money. It features advice on several key aspects of general strategy along with articles on a range of specific strategies as well.

There are a number of different strategies you can use. You don’t need to use them all to be successful, but we do recommend learning the basics about each one. This will make it possible to determine which strategies will work best for you and the knowledge gained through this experience can also be used as a tool for developing your own systems and strategies.

Super Bowl Betting

The money bet on the Super Bowl every year is MASSIVE. Want to see for yourself? Check this out.

Every year, billions of dollars are bet on the Super Bowl. This massive movement of money means there are a lot of great opportunities for you to make some serious cash on the big game. You have additional bet types to choose from and amateur bettors who have no idea what they are doing driving the lines all over the place and creating value opportunities.

Because this is such a monster event in football betting, we’ve created a dedicated guide packed with Super Bowl betting strategy and the best Super Bowl betting sites.

The Most Popular Football Leagues to Bet On

If you’re new to betting on football or this is your first trip to a football betting website, you may not be aware of all the different opportunities you have to bet on football. Below, we’ve gone ahead and outlined the most popular football leagues in the world where you’ll be able to get action on games from the football betting sites we’ve recommended on this page.

NFLThe crown jewel of football betting where the largest sums of cash are always bet is the NFL. This is the main pro football league in the US, but the NFL has fans all around the world and have even started playing games in London and Mexico. Making football betting sites popular across the globe.NFL
NCAAIf you like a ton of online betting options and can’t stand to wait until Sunday to get your football betting fix in, college football is for you. Bettors love college football because of the smaller market cap, more options lead to more opportunities to find value, and the volume of games to bet on.NCAA
CFLThe NFL and the NCAA are not the only big players when it comes to football in North America. The Canadian Football League is the highest level of football competition in Canada, and is a growing organization based out of Montreal, Canada where the action is just as exciting, and the games are just as thrilling.CFL
XFLA once failed project by WWE head Vince McMahon, this alternative football league has toned down the theatrics and focused more on the substance and quality of the on-field product. With tweaked rules to emphasize scoring and running the clock, betting on the XFL creates an intriguing option for football bettors who want to try something new.XFL

Get Started With a Football Betting Site Now!

There’s just one thing left for you to do in order to get started betting on football right now. It’s to get started and take that first step! We’ll make it easy for you. We’ve linked the top football betting site below for your convenience. Click the link, create your free account, and start looking at the bets that are available. If you find something that you like, make a deposit and get yourself into the action!


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